19 February 2007

A New 'Crackdown on Terrorism'?


New 'Terrorist Crackdown'?
I came across this in the Hindustan Times this morning and it made my blood run cold.

In the past 10 years, seven incidents of explosions in trains werereportedin the
state, besides some incidents of sabotage on railway tracks.Terroristgroups such
as Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), Khalistan ZindabadForce (KZF), International
Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF-Rode) elements were foundto be involved in these
incidents, intelligence officials said.

Amongst the terrorist groups
operating in Punjab which have the potentialto strike are KCF-Panjwar (headed by
Paramjit Singh Panjwar), Babbar KhalsaInternational(headed by Wadhawa Singh),
KZF led by Ranjeet Singh Neeta (originally from Jammuand Kashmir) and Dal Khalsa


Don't get me wrong. I am not afraid of terrorists. But I am afraid - I admit it - of the Punjab police. How many of our innocent brothers and sisters are going to 'disappear' or reappear after being tortured by these...I was going to say animals, but why insult innocent animals?...[human males]?

As I have said before, I am opposed to terrorism in all its forms - individuals, groups, state - and in no way can I condone the blowing up of trains with even one innocent person on board. But I am afraid of reprisals, especially since evidentally someone has decided that Khalistanis are behind it.

We shall see what we shall see. But I am very apprehensive.
(Written by Mai, approved by all three)