23 May 2008

Four (4) New, Exciting Links!

Today is my day for updating and and tying up loose ends. I know, via my spy, Sitemeter, that not many of you actually outclick on posted links. Nonetheless, they are good sites, worthy of your exploration. Today I have added four new links, each one completely different from the other. They are Sikh Freedom, Khalsa Kids, Sikh Moms, and a brand new forum site, Sikh. in. The links are here, as well as in the right sidebar.

I have gotten overly busy writing several blogs, three public, several private, keeping up with IHRO, GLZ and SAN, as well as answering my e-mails. Don't stop with the e-mails, though! Along with your comments, they make my day! My point is that I need to make a schedule. I am setting aside Fridays, for now, as update days to make sure the blogs are up to date and fresh, especially the Sikhtoons and the Dag quotes, which I (my bad!) have been very neglectful of. Any suggestions for this blog, improvements, changes, just comments, are, of course, always very welcome. I have several e-mail addresses, my somewhat compulsive personality, I suppose, but for present, I suggest you use simayanan@gmail.com. If you use another that you have, that's fine; they all get forwarded as long as they pass the SPAM filter.

Here are the new links:

Sikh Freedom. From their home page:

Purpose of this website is to educate people about the freedom fight of Sikhs and expose the true face of Indian terrorism. We have included current religious, political and economical situation of Sikhs in India so that people can get a little insight of the truth that the situation today is not any different than it was before. Sikhs are still not free and are being oppressed in many ways in India. This web site is dedicated to Sikhs who sacrificed themselves for freedom to keep their dignity, self confidence, pride and turban on their heads. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION.

Khalsa Kids. From their home page:

Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world. Still, most Americans know very little about who Sikhs are. Because of that, Sikh students are often harassed and bullied in school. In May 2007, Harpal Singh Vacher, a Sikh student from New York, was the victim of a violent hate crime. His attackers removed his turban and cut his long hair. In a study released this summer, the Sikh Coalition found that nearly 75% of Sikh boys who study in Queens are harassed, bullied and teased in school.

The information you’ll find on this website can help you stand up for your rights and explain Sikhism to people who don’t know much about it. Khalsa Kids lets you to find others your age who can give you advice, answer questions, or just inspire you to be proud of who you are. Teachers, students and parents can use these videos, handouts, and presentations to learn and teach about who Sikhs are. (Sponsored by Sikh Coalition)

Sikh Moms. (http://www.sikhmoms.com/) From their home page (they have a lovely logo, but it won't copy, so you are treated to this picture of two happy Sikhlings at present on their home page:
Being a mom is a huge commitment but one of the most natural feelings in the world. Being a SIKH mom is an even bigger commitment, not only to yourself, your child but also to God. We all express our religion in a different way and we have found different ways to make raising our kids a natural feeling for ourselves. This mission of this group is to unite Sikh Moms everywhere so that we can create a network to support each other, to give one another ideas and most importantly, to not only raise good citizens of the world, but also confident children with strong Sikh Values.

Sikhs.in Forum. Their home page, at present, is just a list of what's going on in the forums, but they sent me this, which will give you an idea of what's going on, I'll tell them that they were written up here, so they'll expect your visit::

Welcoming you to the Forums...
We are looking forward to more contributions from your side and in suggesting sections / forums for the community. Also look forward to your support in encouraging people on your lists to register here and make it a powerful forum. Mai, we would appreciate if you could start some good topics which would be beneficial for young Sikhs. Some information, images, etc... anything.

Looking forward to your support and participation...


All the best,
.:Sikhs.In:. Uniting Sikhs Worldwide