17 January 2008


A Rally in support of Laibar Singh will be held as follows:

WHAT: Community Rally At Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre (GTEC)

WHEN: Saturday, January 26 – Meet at 10am – The rally will start at 10:30am

WHERE: 6900 Airport Road, GTEC (International Centre

TORONTO - Supporters of Mr. Laibar Singh, a paralyzed Punjabi man will be gathering at the Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre (GTEC) to voice their objection to the continuing attempts to deport Mr. Singh. The latest attempt to deport Mr. Singh took place the morning of Wednesday, January 9, at 4:30am, when enforcement officers from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) made an unprecedented effort to breach the sanctuary of the Surrey Guru Nanak Gurudwara (Sikh Spiritual Centre) to arrest Mr. Singh.

Alarmed by the actions of CBSA, approximately 300 supporters gathered at the Gurdwara to bear witness to this gross violation of their sacred place of worship. The deportation was unsuccessful and a stay was once again granted.

Communities across the Greater Toronto Area will be gathering at GTEC to demonstrate their solidarity with the BC community and their struggle to keep Laibar Singh in Canada. They will also express their indignation to the Government's violation of Sikh sanctuary.

For more information visit.http://toronto.nooneisillegal.org/

email: sikhactivist@gmail.com

I got this information from the blog of Mississauga Gurdwara Gurmat School

The photograph is from the successful support of Laibar Singh Ji on 9 January 2008 when CBSA was prepared to violate Gurdwara Guru Nanak in Surrey, British Columbia to kidnap and deport him.

Laibar Singh - Vancouver Sun - Letters To The Editor

Let's start with two letters to the editor from the Vancouver Sun. There were several more, but these two will give you an idea of some of the thoughts expressed. And this link will take you to the rest of the letters.

Singh deportation case sparks a polarization of attitudes within the community

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2008

First letter:

If our politicians were not so concerned about the votes of the Sikh community, would Laibar Singh still be here? Of course not. And the Sikh mob knows it.

Singh makes a mockery of immigration and law, medical opinions about his condition differ, and he has no prospects of gainful employment. The only reason he is here is because he wants to live free off our system.

His supporters' rationale that he will not get the medical attention he needs in India is hogwash. India has a booming economy and among the best medical systems in the world. Patients from many countries travel to India for their medical treatments because of both the high quality and the low cost.

Canada has a history of appeasing groups and special interests in the name of humanity -- but it has little to do with humanity and everything to do with garnering votes. What a joke democracy has become in Canada! And Singh will have the last laugh.

Dorian Rayn


Second letter:

The media's failure to question Canada's unjust refugee system is what's the true "contempt for the law."

The Guru Nanek temple is only one of a number of religious communities across Canada to provide sanctuary to men and women whom Canada's refugee system has failed. Currently, there is no other way to hold refugee boards accountable for decisions they make.

Laibar Singh's supporters show the highest respect for the rule of law by resisting an unjust system. In their time, newspapers and others condemned Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi for their "contempt for the law." If we fail to resist unjust laws, we accept tyranny. I commend Singh's supporters for their commitment to a just society.

Justin Berger


© The Vancouver Sun 2008

In addition, there is a new blog, Support Laibar Singh. Please go there and vote your support for Laibar Ji. (Except, of course, Frank and Tariq. Hey, it's a free country, sort of, and you can vote however you want!) Also see how much happier he looks with the pretty green blanket.

The home page concludes:
It is unfortunate that some are declaring that he must leave because he does not “belong” any longer, despite the fact that his newly found family and community are here. Certainly his physical state of paralysis,
the hardship he will face if deported, and the widespread community support he has received are all crucial factors and realities for Mr. Singh and form the very basis of existing humanitarian and compassionate considerations in Canadian law. He, like anyone else, should be entitled to live a healthy and dignified life.

We must challenge the idea that some are more worthy than others to decide their right to mobility and their fate; instead we should accept these as universal values of humanity. Therefore the supporters of Laibar Singh are demanding that the Immigration Minister allow Laibar Singh to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Communities for Laibar Singh at 604 779 7430.

Another item of interest is the open letter of support for him at No One Is Illegal. Check it out.

Now a note from me, Mai. Tomorrow afternoon, we expect eight members of my husband's family will be immigrating from Nairobi. This will have a great impact on my life. I have no idea how much time I will have on line. I hope to be able to keep up as I have. I can't promise, though.

Another note. Suni is going to have a baby. Yes, I know she's 55 and hasn't had one since she was 19. But she is newly married and if Vaheguru sees fit to so bless her and Amrit, her new husband, who are we to dissent?