01 October 2010

BIR KHALSA GATKA - India (OK) Really Does Have Talent!

By now, everybody is aware of the great performances by Bir Khalsa Gatka on India’s Got Talent.  The voting ends on 2 October, so please get your votes in immediately.  Here are some suggestions for getting out the vote:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

Every Sikh should vote from all mobiles in family.

Every Sikh informs others and tells them the procedure.

Every Sikh should put a printout in his office, Gurudwara sahib, shop or an other place of information.

Take your friends, relative, associates, juniours mobiles or anyone you know & vote.

Do the sewa of asking sangat at your nearby Gurdwara sahib and getting them vote for them

Buy new sim cards, put balance & vote,

Ask your local Akali leader to be in picture and spend some money on it also rather than posters etc.

DSGMC & SGPC should issue circular to make it mandatory for its employees/sewadars to vote.

We should use all the live stages and appeal sangat to vote for them.

All our kathakars, granthi singh, ragis should make a point to make sangat aware about voting.

Make a refreshment stall outside Gurdwara sahib/kirtan samgam to attract people and make sangat vote for them.

Akali leaders/committee should try to help them at this stage in any manner possible rather that getting images clicked with them after their victory.

End of the day mission is vote, vote,  vote…

Unfortunately, only those in India can vote.

WHAT!  You haven't seen them?  Take a look.  Here are all three performances.

The first(Sajjan Khan makes an arse of himself!):