20 February 2007

Khalistanis or 'Islamist'

Most of the papers now are saying that it was 'Islamists'who did it, but the Hindu seems to still hold onto the Khalistan idea. I don't know where this is heading, but we don't feel as nervous as we did last night.(I still feel nervous; I live there. Vini)

Instead, experts are looking hard at bomb intelligence and data. Khalistan
terrorist groups, for example, have repeatedly used incendiary devices over the
last two years. Firebombs went off on buses in Jalandhar in April and May 2006.
A third bus was bombed in Chandigarh in 2005. Several people were injured in
these low-intensity bombings, which were at first mistaken for accidents, but
there were no fatalities.

Punjab police investigators recently charged two alleged members of the
proscribed Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF), Lasuri resident Satnam Singh and
Phagwara-based Charanjeet Singh, with executing this series of bombings. The
investigators believe that the men used incendiary devices, instead of
traditional bombs, in the hope that police would find it impossible to trace the
origin of the petrol used in their manufacture.