08 June 2007




If the Indian government has ever acknowledged that Operation Woodrose was a reality, I haven't heard of it. It was, for those who may not know, an attempt to exterminate all the young Amritdhari Sikhs (the Rose) in the Punjab (the Wood). This was brutally carried out. Young men wearing turbans, mostly between the ages of 15 and 30, and also some young women were rounded up and tortured and shot or they simply disappeared. It is estimated that approximately 150,000 of our best young men and women were murdered by the Indian government at this time.

The pictures of this genocide are particularly gruesome, as indeed, genocide tends to be. I reproduce only one here, from the Sikh Lionz website; we believe it will suffice.

We are astonished at the lack of information about Operation Woodrose.

We are not trying here to be unbiased. How can we possibly be when we see our brothers and our sisters, our sons and our daughters, our friends whom we love so dearly reduced to bloody corpses to satisfy the hunger of prejudice and injustice. May their blood truly water and provide nourishment for this beautiful flower we call the Khalsa.

Let us think of them when we hear the words from our beloved Guru Gobind Singh Ji: 'O lord grant me the boon that I may never be deterred from doing good deeds and with a firm resolve should I achieve victory. And when time comes for me to rest, may I die fighting in the battlefield fighting evil while upholding good and noble.' And let us remember what he further said: 'Without sovereignty no faith can prosper and without faith none can have a sense of identity.'

Of course, there was much more aftermath that we are not covering here, culminating in the event of October 31, 1984 (Halloween in the West)

Which cut short [that woman]'s ultimate plan, her 'Final Solution' to the Sikhs of India, Operation Shanti by two more of our shaheeds.
Followed by the savagery in Delhi and elsewhere. We will talk about that in October and November, as it happened.
Vini, Suni and Mai
Painting of Mrs. Gandhi's execution
courtesy of Confused Khalsa