14 February 2008

A Simple, Important Sewa

We have, during the time we have been publishing this blog, received many emails of the nature, 'Yes, but what can I do?' Here is something you can do. How about helping a victim of the 1984 Carnage get an education?

FYI: Rs1000 is about $25 (Canadian or US). Please take this to your Gurdwara or other Sikh group. Or sponsor someone yourself! The email address, as below is INFO @gyansewa. com . We all give to charity, here is one to consider that can reap many benefits to the whole community as these children grow up and become productive adults.

This letter came today through the Gurmat Learning Zone.

Manyog Jio,
Gurfateh to you.
I received this mail from a prominent Sikh
in Melbourne which is worth looking at. It is self explanatory and very noble
sewa performed by Sardar HS Phoolka. If anyone is willing to contribute please
get in touch with him. May Waheguru bless us all to do His sewa. Thank you.

Brahmjoth Singh

Is there anyone out there willing
to do a little bit for the sikh panth
please step forward.
If your are
not in a position to do so due to entanglements with your 'mun'
forward this email and give someone else a chance.
"jo tho praem khaelan kaa
chaao sir dhhar thalee galee maeree aao " (If
you desire to play this
game of love with Me,then step onto My Path
with your head in hand). by sri
guru nanak dev ji

JS Uppal

Sardar Ji,
from Sardar HS Phoolka requesting for funds for the above purpose.

Jasbir Singh
"I Am Different"
- My Heritage-My Identity-My Lifestyle

NO. 46543938, 9910143121
Email: Info@gyansewa.com

Respected Uppal

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

I am enclosing herewith a list of 47 children belonging to the
families of the victims of 1984 Carnage. We have already started
scholarship to these children from month of January 2008. I
would send you
their scanned Form later. To some of these children we
are giving
scholarship since April 2006.

We propose to pay them scholarship Rs.
1000/- per month to per
children, which means Rs. 12,000/- for the whole

For the time being out of these children we have started paying
1000/- to 17 children and Rs. 500/- to other 30 children. But from
the month of April we are following the policy that children who get
more than 60% marks, would be paid Rs. 1000/- and the children who get
between 50% to 60% marks would be paid Rs. 500/- each month. No
scholarship for children who get less than 50%.

Kindly inform me
that how many children you and your group can sponsor
so that I can assign
that number of children to you.

There are many other eligible children
but we will add more in the
number as and when sponsors come forward to pay
the scholarship.

I may clarify that all the children in the present list
are not
assigned to your group and we will furnish the detail of assigned
children to you, after we get confirmation from you.

We have already
started paying scholarship to them and hence the
sponsor would also have to
pay the scholarship from January 2008


Brahmjoth Singh