19 October 2009


(NOTE: Today, 28 Oct 09, I received this revised video, so I am replacing the old one with it.)

Every time I hear of some young Singh cutting his kesh, shaving his beard because he is teased or out of fear or because of his belief that the girl prefer a more conventional-looking boyfriend, or of some young Kaur shaving her legs and underarms because of the bullying by the "Mean Girls" at her school or plucking her eyebrows for the sake of "fashion," I think of the Battle of Saraghari. Twenty-one Sikhs against 10,000 Afghan tribesmen. Today, we are well aware of the fierceness and determination of the Afghans.

The Afghans fought against the Soviet Union until that country retreated in defeat, bankrupt, only to fall into nonexistence in a very few years.

Now the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and a few other Western countries are again - foolishly, in my opinion - attempting to defeat the Afghans using military power.

In 1897, against 10,000 of these fierce, determined fighters stood 21 equally fierce, determined Sikh warriors.

My Sister Kaurs and Brother Singhs, these are the people we are sprung from, either by blood or by choice (or by both). This is who we have been, who we can be and who we should be. Guru ji asks this of us and we are strong enough to respond with a shout of "BOLE SO NIHAL! SAT SHRI AKAL!!" if we choose. The choice is ours.

Whether you are Kaur or Singh, if you are thinking of dishonouring your kesh because of fear or fashion or any other reason, please watch this video first and think about who and what you are. Consider deeply those who have gone before, those even now being persecuted (including possibly yourself) and those who will come after. If your choice is to cut, you cannot be stopped; it is your right as a free human being. Just be sure you understand that you are throwing away more than a few strands of hair. You are throwing away the gift of Vaheguru and are belittling the sacrifices of our shaheeds.