31 December 2009


Something very special and very cool happened last night.

Does everybody remember Brother Laibar Singh?  If not, there are far too posts about him and his situation (36, at least) for me to link them here.

In short, he came to Canada illegally, was denied refugee status, then contracted a spinal infection that left him paralysed.  Canada, however, was determined to deport him..At one point, he was taken to the Vancouver Airport, where the plane was waiting to fly the very physically weak Singh to India.   The sangat and few other friends turned up en masse and succeeded in foiling that attempt.  He then sought sanctuary in different gurudwaras until he finally allowed himself to be sent back to India.  He said he missed his children and that was why he was returning.  I know him well enough that I don't believe that for a nanosecond.  My belief is that he felt that he had become a burden, something unacceptable to any Sardar ji (or Sardarni ji).  Whatever his reason, he returned to India in November 2008, his faith and dignity intact. These two pictures were taken at that time.

I finally got his telephone number and a dear friend in India called him and talked to him!  His elder daughter has just gotten married, his son has grown kes and is studying Gurmat, and his younger daughter has moved in to take care of him.  Dear Gurmukhts from Canada are continuing in their support of him.  His health has improved and he remains in chardi kala!

Now I must invest in a calling card and at least exchange a fateh with him!

This is a very happy New Year 2010 CE for me.  He has become my younger brother and I love him dearly.  He is a sweet, kind man.  May he be blessed with all good things, now and always!