15 January 2011


I have again been asked the perennial question, Is Khalistan really necessary? This time it was in a Facebook group, Sikhism(English Language).  The person who posted it seems to have removed it.  I think it deserves an answer and, anyway, I have taken the time to write it and my time is valuable.  Here is the exchange:

His question (completely unedited ):

Mai Harinder Kaur ji , I can understand the state which you went through in the past . But cannot understand why you are still supporting Khalistan ? Past is Past . The new generation here in India does not want to listen to the Khalistan stories . With time , people are moving ahead . Looking for Justice is a separate thing and Dreaming of Khalistan is a separate thing .Many teenagers who were not even born 25 years ago , get into debates of Khalistan - Khalistan here in this Virtual World . The age which is meant to make career , look for life partner is spent in hatred and criticism debates regarding Khalistan . As a human , we all want Justice . But With Khalistan tales , we are again creating hatred and criticism among new generation people . Isn't it so ?

Indian Princely States

My response:

No, it isn't so.  Hatred is not being created.  Injustice exists.  That creates a certain amount of negative emotion all on its own.  Criticism is necessary and justified.  Any system will be and should be critically examined.  That includes the system that is called The Republic of India.  Has India treated Sikhs with respect in the past?  If not, how can we expect India to treat us fairly in the future?

This statement is most interesting:  "The new generation here in India does not want to listen to the Khalistan stories."  If this is true, the solution is simple.  Don't listen.  No one is forcing you to listen or read or watch videos about Khalistan.  The writings and videos are there;  it is your choice to pay attention or ignore them.  I have found, however, that many young Indian Sikhs are very interested.  Also your statement that "the age which is meant to make career, look for life partner is spent in hatred and criticism debates regarding Khalistan" implies that one cannot make a career and look for a life partner while debating Khalistan.  That is simply not true.  Career and marriage, and working toward Khalistan are not mutually exclusive at all.  In fact, Khalistan will need educated workers and stable families in order to exist and thrive.

Are we Sikhs a people?  Yes, I believe we are, both spiritually and physically.    We have a history, a language, a culture and an ancestral homeland, as well as a religion.  We have the right and the need to preserve all this.  All people long for their own autonomy.  In India, we Sikhs will always be a thorn in the side of the ruling elite because we don't accept their self-claimed right to rule over us.  Because of promises such as M. K. Gandhi's assurance, " No Constitution would be acceptable to the Congress which did not satisfy the Sikhs." (Collected works of M K Gandhi Vol.58. p. 192), the Sikhs threw their support to Congress only to be betrayed when Independence was achieved.   The Constitution of India (which accepts us only as Hindus) has never been accepted by us and will certainly never satisfy us.  With such disrespect shown to us at the highest levels, how can we ever enjoy safety in our homes and businesses?

If you think the need for Khalistan is rooted in hatred, you are completely wrong.  It is rooted in the love we have for our Sikh sisters and brothers, in our love of Sikhi and in our love for the highest Khalsa ideals.  If you read my writings carefully, you will find that I have never advocated violence to establish Khalistan.  I have always said that Khalistan will become a physical reality when it is the Hukam of Vaheguru.  I expect eventually that India - a legal fiction created by the British for their own convenience - will fall to pieces. People from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashrta,  Gurjarat are foreigners when it comes to history, language and culture.   There has been no point in time in the last 3000 years when Kashmir, Tamilnadu, Bengal and Punjab were under the same administrative unit.  Again, India was created by the British for their administrative convenience.  It was Gandhi/Nehru foolishness that a person from Jalandhar or Ludhiana needs a visa to travel to Lahore but doesn't need a visa to travel to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.  It's simply absurd.  Creation of Khalistan is a means to end this absurdity.

When India disintegrates, it is our right and responsibility to be prepared to govern Punjab and whatever other parts of Balkanised India choose to join us.