31 October 2010


Which old witch?  The wicked witch!
Ding, dong the wicked witch is dead!
She’s gone to where the goblins go,
Below, below, below!
Sing it high!  Sing it low!
Let them know the wicked witch is dead!
                                  From :  The Wizard of Oz 

Had Indira Gandhi not been killed on 31 October 1984,  you would probably not be reading this blog because your author would have been killed in Operation Shanti, beginning on 8 November 1984.  Read on, dear readers.

Twenty-six years ago today, Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, Architect of the Bluestar Massacre, enemy of the Sikh people, was executed by Shaheed Beant Singh and Shaheed Satwant Singh, inspired and encouraged by the uncle Shaheed Kehar Singh.  Let us drop any hypocrisy we may be harbouring about this person.  She knew that in attacking Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) she would earn the lasting enmity of the Sikh Quam and go down in Sikh history next to Aurangzeb.  She was evil, but she wasn't stupid.  She surely knew that it was suicidal to keep Sikh bodyguards after desecrating Harmandir Sahib.  Or was she so far gone in her megalomania that she thought she was invincible?  Or did she believe she could implement Operation Shanti before anyone would take action against her?  In any case, her nefarious plans were thwarted by her own action in not reassigning them. 

I was in Delhi at a family gathering when we got the news that she had been shot.  Dead silence followed by, “Well, I hope the bitch is dead!”  She was, of course.  When we later heard that her Sikh bodyguards had shot her, a cheer went up.  None of us was surprised.  The older members quickly sobered up.  “Glad she’s gotten rid of, but there’s going to be hell to pay.”  

Of course there was.  Rajiv Gandhi screamed for revenge.  Amitabh Bachhan came on TV screaming "KHOON KA BADLA KHOON!"   (Blood for blood!)”  Blood for blood there was, indeed.  The mobs were given the addresses of Sikh families, paid in liquor and kerosene and ran off to the joy of the slaughter.  By the time the bloodbath ended, thousands of Sikhs were dead, thousands widowed and tens of thousands orphaned.  The financial losses pale next to the toll of human life, but they were also devastating to the Sikh community.

Consider the situation from our Sikh point of view.  Not only was she responsible for invading and shooting up our holiest site, she also destroyed much of our history in the burning of the Akal Takht and the Sikh History Library.  This was followed by Operation Woodrose, a pretty name for a diabolical action rounding up and murdering Amritdhari males in Punjab.
It is widely believed that she had concocted a larger genocidal plan called Operation Shanti (Peace) to virtually wipe out the Sikhs of India.  This was to be carried out in the second week of November during the celebration of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Indira drew a diabolical plan, named Operation Shanti, to carry out a general massacre of the Sikhs, of genocidal proportions, around November 8, when the Sikhs would assemble in various Gurdwaras for Guru Nanak's birthday celebrations. According to the plan, large-scale skirmishes virtually amounting to a war were to take place all along the India-Pakistan borders. And, it was to be given out that the Sikhs had risen in revolt in Punjab and joined hands with Pakistani armed forces which had made considerable advances into the Indian Territory. The Sikhs all over Punjab, especially in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozepur, Kapurthala and Jalandhar districts were to be subjected to massive aerial bombardment, apart from being slaughtered by army and para military forces. The Sikhs all over India were to be subjected to mass scale massacre, loot, arson and incendiarism by lumpen elements organized by Youth Congress(I) activists. Elaborate preparations were made by Youth Congress (I) network all over India; they were to await a coded signal to start mayhem.  Operation Shanti, Sikhwiki.

 Large scale Sikh genocide was being planned by the top layers of government including Gandhi herself. The plan, known as Operation Shanti, was to take place around November 8, as was a surprise attack on Pakistan. Beant Singh, the man who assassinated Gandhi, heard of Operation Shanti from R. K. Dhawan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and decided to kill Gandhi. [source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh]  from  SikhLionz .

I try to be nice, really I do.  I just can't find it in me to be nice about this monster.  Had she not died when she did, who knows what havoc would have been wreaked upon us by the Mad Dog of Delhi, the Wicked Witch of the East, Indira (Nehru) Gandhi?  

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26 October 2010

Taking Back Your Head

A poem for those who once gave Guru Jee their head by taking Amrit, but took it back...

Guru Gobind Singh Ji tried, to keep you on the right track
You gave Him your head, but then you took it back

Turning your back on Guru Ji, how did it feel?
Or were you too busy convincing yourself, that "It's really no big deal"

Remember that day when you took Amrit and made a vow?
What happened to those promises, who is your Guru now?

You sold out your Sikhi, and that's the plain truth
You ruined this precious life, saying "I want to enjoy my youth"

To make yourself feel better, you can say whatever you want to

But one dreadful day, your words will come to haunt you

And when that day comes, you will regret what you have
You lost your honour, in a battle you should have won

This world is just maya, it will take your Sikhi away
Tell me, did you forget that you are gonna die one day?

When this dream called life reaches its end
Then who will be your saviour, your helper, your True Friend?

There is still hope, you need to sharpen your mind
Go towards Guru Ji, and the Truth you will find

To merge with God, you were sent to earth
Trying to impress the world, you wasted the human birth

Did you think of those mothers,
who wore their babies around their necks?
Or did all you think about, was attracting the opposite sex?

The very same hair that Guru Ji put Amrit in
You grabbed the scissors, and committed the ultimate sin

Guru Ji's Sons gave their lives, so you can be a Sikh
Their Sikhi remained strong, with each and every brick

Now is the time, for you to wake up and take control
Guru Ji is the water, that will sooth your burning soul

Do you really want to come back to this hell on earth?
Wandering and suffering, birth after birth

You say you're not ready to take Amrit, thats always your reply
But think about this...are you ready to die?

You think you'll practice Sikhi, in the future when you are old
But tell me, do you know when your body will turn cold?

When it's all said and done, you will be full of sorrow and regret
You'll want to go to Sach Khand, but the requirements were not met

Guru Ji's arms are wide open, and He is waiting for you
It's time to take action, and do what you gotta do

Change your life RIGHT NOW!, don't wait another day
Tomorrow may never come, then what will be left to say?
That Guru Gobind Singh Ji tried to put me on the right track
I gave Him my head, but then I took it back.

Poem courtesy of Sikh Roots

13 October 2010

07 October 2010


SikhRevolution has given permission to embed these videos of the rally held at Jagreon on 28 October 2010.  Please watch and listen and be inspired.  Or appalled.  Or scared.  Or however you react to the idea of Khalistan.  As I wrote the other day, 2 Lakh (2,00,000 OR 200,000 in Western numbers) attended this.  Each person attending (except, of course, the RAW agents and other governmental infiltrators) puts him/herself in danger from the GOI and, worse, the notorious Punjab police.

Please, do not misuse these videos in any way!







06 October 2010


OK, I realise that it's not International Women's Day.  The reason for re-posting this today is that someone in Google Buzz has hinted that I am not writing about Female Foeticide, often now called gendercide, which also covers other sorts of murder of women and girls, including, "honour" killings, inferior medical care for girls and women and the like.

In any case, I think it is a good thing to remind us all of this on-going evil at odd times, so here is a reminder.
My post from International Women's Day, 2009 (very slightly revised):

I was so very sincerely hoping that this year, I would be able to write a nice cheerful post about how much progress we have made in the last year regarding the most important women's issue in the Punjabi Sikh community. Unfortunately, this practice has spread to the Sikh Diaspora communities, as well.  Will we ever learn, I wonder?!

I am referring, of course to the murdering of our daughters before they are born, what is called female foeticide. I have named this the Fourth Ghallugharah, and it is still in full swing. SHAME ON US!

No my dear brothers and sisters, I refuse to let up until this horror is ended!

Unfortunately, I can do nothing better than to reproduce my post from International Women's Day of last year, 2008.

Maybe next year...

There is a lovely little nursery rhyme that every child in the UK and Canada knows. I am not so sure about the children of India, so here is one version with lyrics:


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!


As long as I have been expressing myself publicly (about 2 years - 4 years in 2010), I
have said that the most dangerous enemy we Sikhs have is not the
Indian government, the Deras or even the Hindus. It is no force from
outside our own community. It is ourselves. We are fast destroying
ourselves through one particular practice. I have here a little poem
I wrote about that. It unites IWD and our self-destructive

Tinkle, tinkle, little boy,
Bring your parents so much joy.
You're their diamond, you're their pearl,
They're so glad you aren't a girl.

Punjab practice straight from hell.
Very soon its evil tell.

You are looking for a wife,
Someone who will share your life.
Not a woman to be found,
Rotting foetus in the ground.

Guru's teaching has been taught,
But its meaning never sought.
Daughter is a gift from God,
Not a dead, decaying clod.

Without woman, there's no life,
No more children, no more wife.
Guru's teachings die off now,
Go and worship sacred cow.

Tinkle, tinkle, little boy,
Bring your parents so much joy.



05 October 2010

TV Coverage of Khalistan Rally in Punjab

I wonder how many Khaliblog readers were aware of a huge Khalistan Rally in Jagraon, Punjab on 28 September of this year?  Approximately 2 lakh (2,00,000) attended and it was broadcast on ChardiKala TV.  

The ChardiKala TV coverage is available on Youtube through SikhRevolution.  The whole playlist can be found at Khalistan Rally at Jagraon-September 28, 2010.  

I strongly urge you to go to the link and watch the rally.  It's in Punjabi language, but even if you don't understand Punjabi very well (or at all), it's still uplifting and inspiring to watch.  Unfortunately, due to some people misusing some of SikhRevolutions videos, I cannot embed them here, so I would strongly urge you to go watch them in Youtube.  While you are there, you might also like to subscribe to SikhRevolution at their channel page.  Just click to go there.

An interesting note.  When originally the three of us started this blog, we were told that no one from India (OK) would want to read something with Khalistan in its title because no one in India (OK) is interested in Khalistan anymore.   I notice, looking at the sidebar, that we have had more readers in that country than in any other.  I realise that a few of these readers are GOI agents, but most are not.

I would like to personally thank those of you who have been loyal readers over these last almost four years.  Our first rather tentative post was on 26 January 2007 and now we are nearing 500 posts.  We were all newbies and didn't understand about search engines and search terms and the like.  We all reasoned that out of the millions of blogs in the blogosphere, no one would ever find our little personal effort.  We were astounded to discover that the word "Khalistan" seemed to draw readers.  Along the way, the other two writers left to pursue other projects and follow different dreams, so now I am here writing alone whatever I feel like sharing with you.

I am not sure what this blog has meant to anyone else; to me it is a child of my heart and mind and spirit.  At present, at least, it is my legacy.  I pray that the posts about what happened to us in 1984 will be read and encourage other survivors to record their experiences, as well.  It is difficult, but worth the effort.  This is our history and it can be told properly only by us, especially by those of us who lived it.

I am also endeavouring to encourage the Sikh Quam to regain and remain in chardi kala as we move toward the day when the establishment of our homeland will be the Hukam of Vaheguru.  Let us prepare ourselves and be ready for whatever happens, following in the footsteps of our physical and spiritual ancestors.


Most sincerely and with highest regards,

Harinder Kaur

01 October 2010

BIR KHALSA GATKA - India (OK) Really Does Have Talent!

By now, everybody is aware of the great performances by Bir Khalsa Gatka on India’s Got Talent.  The voting ends on 2 October, so please get your votes in immediately.  Here are some suggestions for getting out the vote:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

Every Sikh should vote from all mobiles in family.

Every Sikh informs others and tells them the procedure.

Every Sikh should put a printout in his office, Gurudwara sahib, shop or an other place of information.

Take your friends, relative, associates, juniours mobiles or anyone you know & vote.

Do the sewa of asking sangat at your nearby Gurdwara sahib and getting them vote for them

Buy new sim cards, put balance & vote,

Ask your local Akali leader to be in picture and spend some money on it also rather than posters etc.

DSGMC & SGPC should issue circular to make it mandatory for its employees/sewadars to vote.

We should use all the live stages and appeal sangat to vote for them.

All our kathakars, granthi singh, ragis should make a point to make sangat aware about voting.

Make a refreshment stall outside Gurdwara sahib/kirtan samgam to attract people and make sangat vote for them.

Akali leaders/committee should try to help them at this stage in any manner possible rather that getting images clicked with them after their victory.

End of the day mission is vote, vote,  vote…

Unfortunately, only those in India can vote.

WHAT!  You haven't seen them?  Take a look.  Here are all three performances.

The first(Sajjan Khan makes an arse of himself!):