15 October 2008

How Do They Stand on "Sikh Issues"?

Of course, all issues are Sikh issues. Everything that concerns other people concerns us, as well.
However, there are a few issues that we seems to care about is a special way, such as the right to keep the panj kakkars, especially the kirpan, on us at all times, and the prejudice our children face in schools.

Where do Sens. Obama and McCain stand on such things?

The Sikh Coalition sent out a questionnaire to both candidates eight months ago. They received Sen. Obama's back in June, but the McCain campaign is dragging their feet.

If you'd like to sign a letter to that campaign encouraging them to get off their behinds and send it in, go to What's your position, Senator McCain?

They need to release both candidates' statements together, so to read one, we need to get both. I would love to read this. As the President of the United States affects the entire world, it would be useful to Sikh world-wide to have this information. (By the way, the Sikh Coalition is non-partisan. I am not.)

Trivia. Did you know members of the Senate of Canada, like members of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom, are not elected? They are appointed by the governor general, the representative of the British sovereign, currently Queen Elizabeth II. They serve until they are 75 years old.

NOT TRIVIA. Thanks to the 14 of you who went to the petition to stop the prison from cutting Jagmohan Singh Ahuja's hair . They've done it once and will do it again and again and again if they are not stopped. Here again is that dreadful before and after picture.

If YOU want to sign the petition, here again is the link to that: http://unitedsikhs.org/petitions/petition.php?id=11