21 April 2009

Joyfully, As A Hero To The Victory!

That line is from a poem by Friedrich Schiller, The Ode To Joy. In part, it says:

Happy, as God's suns fly through the heavens' mighty plan
Brothers, run your race, joyfully as a hero to the victory.

Sounds pretty chardi kala to me, eh? So be a hero.

First, watch the video:

We Sikhs have always, from the very first, been known as people who never give up, who give everything in winning the victory. Now we have taken on our most powerful opponent ever, the most powerful organisation in the world, the United States Military. Unlike in many other countries, in the USA, our Singhs - and Kaurs - are not allowed to keep kesh and tie turbans. You are already aware of the struggle of these two young Singhs who signed up in good faith, being reassured that kesh and turban would not be a problem. They were lied to! Now ordered to report for active duty this summer, they have also been ordered to ditch the kesh and turban.

This must be fought. It will be fought! Can we win? Of course, we can win. The question is, do we have the will to win? Will we actually do it?
I want to make a very personal statement here. As most of you know, my family was murdered in the Delhi Pogrom of 1984. That year, from before the Bluestar Massacre to the mass murders in November and beyond, was one of the most traumatic in Sikh history. The Panth has been badly hurt, even temporarily broken, perhaps. But the broken can be mended and become even stronger than before. My generation has been fighting this for 25 years - longer than many of you have even been alive. We will continue to fight, to demand justice!

It is time for you younger Sikhs to pick up your part of the struggle. The fight to convince the US Military to grant us our religious rights is, as the Sikh Coalition says, this is the case of your generation- not just in America but in the world. The disaster of the last eight years has shown us that, as this powerful country goes, so goes the world. I ask you to not only sign the petition - you've all done that already, right? If you haven't please do so below - but also please scrape together whatever you can and then a little more and send it to The Sikh Coalition. It is a sad fact that everything costs money these days. I cannot think of a better, bigger, more historic Sikh cause to send your money to these days. I know the suggested amounts are beyond the means of many readers. That's OK. Send what you can. If 5 people send $5 each, that's a $25 donation. You are a part of our great and beautiful history. Remember the sacrifices of our sant-sipahis, our shaheeds through history - including family members of many readers here - and honour them by doing your part for this victory. DONATE NOW!

And there is more to do! Please visit the Sikh Coalition Army Action Page for more ideas. Do what you can. Do it in honour of our shaheeds. Do it in honour of my husband, Shaheed Mani Singh and my son, Shaheed Sandeep Singh, as well as my two little unborn daughters, my precious little Kaurs. Do it because it's the right thing to do. Do it because you're a Sikh! (Or do it because you believe in this cause, even if you're not a Sikh!) Whatever your reason, do it!


This Vaisakhi, let's honor and protect our faith.
Support the Army Campaign. Support our Work Today.

Contribute $100 or more to receive a commemorative "Sikh Right to Serve" T-shirt

It is with great joy that Sikhs remember Vaisakhi Day. We feel joy when we think of our Guru. We feel strength when we think of our Panj Piare.

We feel unspeakable of respect when we think of the Sikhs before us who sacrificed their lives for justice, but never gave up their faith.

Just think about it. Everyone reading this message is the inheritor of the sacrifice, strength, and love of the Sikhs before them.

So what is your place in Sikh history? (Emphasis mine. Mai)

On Vaisakhi Day 2009, 2 young Sikhs challenged the U.S. Army's policy of excluding Sikhs from service.

Today, like the Sikhs before us, can you help secure our future by financially supporting this campaign? Contribute securely online here:

Let's not mince words. This is the case of our generation in America. We are taking on the world's most powerful institution. If we are victorious, literally a whole class of cases of anti-Sikh discrimination will disappear.
Please help our generation of Sikhs make history by donating $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 today:

As a token of appreciation for your support, all donors who give $100 or more will receive a commemorative campaign T-shirt. We hope this T-shirt will serve as a reminder to you and your friends of your support at this critical juncture in Sikh history.

As Sikhs, we know from our history that there is no challenge we can not overcome.

We will not defer this fight to the next generation. With your support, we will win this fight in our generation.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
The Sikh Coalition Board and Staff