17 January 2011


Today is a national holiday honouring Martin Luther King, Jr., the great non-violent civil rights leader of the 1960s.  Because of his efforts and the efforts of hundreds of thousands - maybe millions - of USAers,  laws enforcing and perpetuating segregation, the USA's apartheid system, were outlawed and racial equality became the law of the land.  This was very good.

I do feel the need to point out that passing laws is one thing and getting them enforced is another.  [Think of India's anti-dowry laws, for example]  The enforcement actually involved quite a bit of violence on both sides.  Things seem to have settled down.  The election and presidency of Barack Obama is one indication of this.

About the video:

For those who may not know, "Abraham" is Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth President of the USA, who is credited with freeing the slaves;
"John" is John Kennedy, 35th President of the USA;
"Martin" is Martin Luther King, Jr.;
"Bobby" is Robert Kennedy, JFK's younger brother who was running (standing) for President in 1968.

All four were assassinated.