05 June 2011

The Foundation Stone Has Been Laid

“If the Indian government attacks the Golden Temple, it will lay the  foundation stone of Khalistan.” – Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

The foundation stone has been laid.  Now when will the rest be built?

In my wanderings of the Interwebs, I came across this exchange of letters between Sant Ji and The Wicked Witch of the East.  I think it is appropriate for today.  Read it and then watch the video, please.  It is simple and has a message.

Letter from Indira Gandhi to Sant Ji & Sant Ji’s Reply

She wrote:

Sriman Sant Jarnail Singh Ji
I want to solve the knotty problem of Punjab. We shall find a solution of the demands of Punjab with mutual talks. We will settle all your demands within the constitution. Taking into account my personal security, fix some time to meet me. Do not waste the potentiality of India in such agitations (Morchas). Any dispute can be resolved with mutual talks. You are patriotic, brave and a hard working Punjabi. I hope you will make a significant contribution towards the construction and prosperity of India.
With thanks
Indira Ghandi
Prime Minister of India

Sant Ji responded:

Ik Onkaar SatGur Prasaad
Us Kirpan Khando kharg, Tupak Tabar ur tir.
Safi Sorobi saithi yahai hamare pir

(Sword, double-edged sword, bow and arrow are our guides or Gurus)

The main servant of India from political angle, bibi Indira Ji,
I am expressing my thoughts which will reach your deaf ears. My voice will reach to you the discriminations against the Sikhs, which have injured their feelings. It may let your deaf ears feel, what type of language has been used. But in order to remove your deafness I want to express myself in this letter. Read it carefully.
The enquiry of the death of Lala jagat Narain, who was connected with the Hindus, was complete within three days, the same may be proved from the warrants of my arrest, but the enquiry of the murder of the Guru of the Sikhs, the destruction of wealth of the Sikhs collected in the form of buses and the plunder of Sikh wealth of three lakh at chando kalan was stopped with a writ of a government official because that enquiry was in the hands of a Sikh Judge, while my case was registered with a Hindu judge. This is an example of your deafness, because no Sikh had objected why my enquiry was entrusted to a Hindu judge.
The dead body of lal Jagat Narain who was connected with the majority Hindu community was handed over to Ramesh after post-mortem. But the dead bodies of about one and a half a dozen Sikhs at Mehta Chowk in police firing were never handed over to their relatives. This is a clear example of discrimination.
None of the Hindus have gone to jail for Hindi Suba; none has courted arrest for renaming a train after a Hindu temple. No one has ever gone to jail for getting a status of a sacred city for some Hindus railway station. None of the Hindus have made any sacrifice for the preservation of a Hindu symbol. After independence they got everything that suited their religion.
But contrary to this, after independence more then one lakh of Sikhs have courted arrests and a large number of them has been martyred for Punjabi speaking state, for installing a transmitter in Golden Temple, for a status of a distinct nation, for getting the status of a sacred city for Amritsar and for getting the right to adorn the Sikh symbols. Even then your deaf ears have not heard anything.
Sikhs have already faced the cruelty of the rulers with peace, but you should know that when the patience is exhausted the Sikhs have resorted to the armaments according to the advice of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji-
When all the means of a peaceful solution are exhausted it is just and pious to resort to arms. (Zafarnama)
But we still have no programme to resort to arms, but if the injustice with the Sikhs continues like this under the intoxication of the chair (state of power) it will not be tolerated for many years or months, because our patience is exhausted as we have been observing the peaceful mean since long. While asking the government to accede to our demands we have been propagating that a Hindu should be a perfect in his religious symbols i.e. he should keep a tuft of hair unshorn on his head, should have a stick in his hand, should wear dhoti, should wear sacred thread, should have 12 saffrom marks (on head, nose, chin, shoulders, cervix, palate etc). He should read Geeta and worship Shivling. He should go to temple and ring the holy bells and should not smoke tobacco. We think such Hindu as a brother. A Muslim should be perfect in his religion and a Sikh should be a perfect Sikh. That is what we preach. How far is it true to term such a person as a terrorist?
Under the spell of false prestige of state power, many rulers have tried to finish the Sikhs and there is no sign of them now. If you continue your atrocities and tyranny I am afraid, you will meet the same end because power and wealth never remain permanently with anybody. Our Holy Scripture says;
The praise of wealth… does not compare to Gods praises
At long last people like Ravan went barefoot
Pulling off Sikh girl’s cloths and forcing their father to have sex with them, to put tobacco on the mouth of a Sikh and spitting in his mouth, making a wound in the thigh and putting salt in the wound, putting the houses of the Sikhs on fire, making false cases on Sikh girls, arresting Sikh students, killing them in false encounters, and protecting the murderers of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the chief minister, S.P.D.R Bhatti, Ludhaina, D.I.G. Mangat Patiala and their companions are the glaring examples of deafness. Everything is told here in brief.
Let the time come I will tell you in detail the discrimination meted out to the Sikhs.
Jarnail Singh Khalsa