14 July 2007

Bastille Day

When I was a kid, Dad being quite the Francophile, we always had a big Bastille Day celebration. Even as an adult, I have always fixed a special sort of festival dinner. Until 2004.

Since then, nothing special. No celebrations. Until France collectively comes to its senses and shows some respect toward its Sikh citizens and residents, I am boycotting all things French, including their holidays.

Our boys, and, one would suppose, our girls as well, if they wore a turban, are EXPELLED from school for wearing a patka, much less a full dastaar, I believe also that they are trying to make us remove our turbans for driver's license pictures, as well. They have gone mad!

I have read that some Sikhs are bringing France to court on human rights violations. This bears watching. I have seen nothing about this case since June.