05 March 2009


BEEBI PARVEEN KAUR, originally uploaded by BAAGHI SINGH...

My dear sisters and brothers. I have this photograph of Bibi Parveen Kaur evidently taken on 5 March 2009, today, as I write this. I see stress on her face. I also see a sister undefeated, remaining still in chardi kala. I see a strong and proud Khalsa Kaur, a sister we can be proud of and whom we need to stand beside.

The legend beneath the picture says:

5 march 2009 nu peshi ton baad karnal courts ton baahr aunday hoy.

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These comments were also made on the picture:

Bibi Ji da Court case vich ki hohya?

What happened to the court case of Bibi ji?



27 april di tareek payi a aggay,
The next date has been set for April 27,

kal kujh ehna n saathi 6 singhs day khilaaf sarsay vale khach saadh day premiyaan(cheliyaan) deeyaan gvahiyaan v san,
yesterday there was testimony against her and other six Singhs by the fans (disciples) of the cunning Sarsa Vala Sadh,

internal report da jada nahi pata,baaki bhain parveen kaur nay B.A-1st year day exams di permission mangi hai judge kolo,
don't know much about the internal report, except that sister Parveen Kaur has asked permission to write her BA first year exam from the judge,

baaki saarey singhs(including beebi) da case karnal(haryana) to patiala refer karn di mang keeti gayi hai ji.
as well, demand has been made to transfer the case of all the Singhs (including the Bibi) from Karnal to Patiala.

Her case has brought me great personal pain. I cam imagine what she is going through. My own experience with the police of "India" (Occupied Khalistan). And I was never charged with anything. Perhaps the should have dealt with my then and there. In spite of hate mail and a certain number of threats, I refuse to be quiet. Those of us who know from personal experience must raise our voices and not stop until this sort of bullsh*t ends.

It might be appropriate to say Ardaas on her behalf.