23 February 2010


I have heard nothing of this either in the Canadian media (currently obsessed with the Olympics) or the American media (as always, obsessed with America).  I did find this collage of news stories on YouTube.

I am annoyed. Why has not some unilateral action been taken by the Sikhs? These shaheeds are our brothers, this is our fight. We are absolute idiots if we expect satisfaction either from the government of Pakistan or from our dear friends in the government of India.

Truthfully, I expect nothing of the Akal Takht or the SGPC, but where is Damdami Taksal and Hazoor Takht. They boast of their weapons and their Sikh spirit. They kill innocent goats for their "Tilak of Blood," but seem as unwilling as the rest of the Sikhs of the region to actually do anything.

Do I have to jump on my winged horse and fly to Punjab and rally the troops myself?! I certainly hope not, as I have no winged horse and with my partially paralysed vocal chords can hardly speak above a whisper. 

 Earlier, I wrote


I pray I am right.

As a lone individual with grave physical disabilities, there's little I can do myself. 

I ask my sisters and brothers to rise up as one to end this menace once and for all. Let us forget our differences and stand united against these earthly demons and handle the situation as our forefathers and foremothers would have.

We can always go back to our infighting after the battle is won.

First published in Sikh Philosophy Network. 

Wings courtesy of rubyblossom