24 November 2007

Freedom of Speech, of the Press, of Expression, of the Net!!

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Just to add a couple pictures!

By democratic, political, peaceful means, of course!!

You might notice that one of the links is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

I know this is a bad time for this but these things happen when they happen, not when we want them to.

It seems the owner of a blog,World 365, does not like us. Does not like us at all. In fact, is trying to get all our websites and blogs BANNED. I, with my very slow dial-up connexion was going through his list of hit-sites when, in a flash, it came to me: he was simply using my link list. He didn't even do his own research. Some of these, of course, have nothing to do with Khalistan. For example, Respect For Guru Ji is hardly a hotbed of Khalistani activism.

These ARE ALL SIKH SITES, though. Every last one of them!

I am going to try to alert everyone on the list, I think. I think Mr. Sateesh Kumar has declared war on us. And he couldn't have chosen a more, er, uh, appropriate day!

I do not want to reproduce his post here, but he is calling on the government of India to launch a protest against Google and get all of us BANNED. Please go to this link and read what he has to say.


He starts:

What is the Indian government doing?

He ends thus:

True Indians like me dont really want to destroy the identity of sikhs. No body
in India are against sikhs wearing kirpans or bracelets or other religious
signs. But in the name of Khalistan these people are displaying flags of the
republic of khalistan and other separatist stuff.

Why in the hell does
the Indian government not acting?

Even though there is no mass following
for these websites and people it is prudent to ban these websties. One notabe
fact is that these are promoted by non resident indian sikhs. So they
comfortably sit outside India and are posting these secessionist materials.

Of course! Can you imagine what would happen to anyone in India that dared to express these ideas?

I want to point out that we have never advocated violence against anyone. We want Khalistan to be established by a peaceful, democratic process, not by violence!!

I know most links are not followed. But if you want to be able to continue to read our blog and others that freely speak of not only our hopes for the future, but also our history, now is the time to act.