15 October 2007

Update - Ludhiana Blast

By now, I suppose everyone has heard about the deadly bomb blast in the movie theatre in Ludhiana. I suppose, as well, we have all heard Kill-Punish-Strangle Gill accuse us Sikhs of being the perpetrators of this heinous act. I have heard accusations. I have seen no evidence.

When I got up this morning, my inbox was jammed with nasty messages, some even blaming us personally. On behalf of Suni and myself, we completely condemn this act of terrorism. We do not support the murder of innocent people under any circumstances. Such acts are completely against our morals and beliefs as Sikhs and as human beings. We know that Vini joins us in this condemnation, but we have been unable to reach her either by phone or by e-mail. We are quite concerned, but not panicked.

I rarely go to gurdwara in the morning, but we, Suni and Mai, felt the need today. Others, too, felt the necessity for gathering together as Sikhs to give each othere support and encouragement. It is known, of course, which of us are Khalistan supporters and all of us, as one, condemned the attack. None of us believes it has anything to do with Khalistan, whatever our enemies may claim.

The link above, for the Hindustan Times, Chandigarh Edition, has some interesting pictures.

For now, we have nothing more to say except our prayers are with the victims and their families.

I hace decided to add this letter from Gurteg Singh to the Gurmat Learning Zone this morning. What is says is both sensible and true.

Dear Sadh Sangat Ji

Within hours of Ludhiana bomb blast , the entire Hindu
establishment including its cheer leading propaganda arm- The Hindu media in a
well planned and coordinated move started blaming Sikhs for this cowardly act of

Turbaned lap dogs like - the mass murderer KPS Gill on a
cue from his masters has started barking "terrorism.. terrorism"


The entire story has been put on international newswire
and is being reported through out the world. Only an enemy of the Sikhs will do
this and not a friend or a Government which claims to be so called secular and
democratic. A few months ago in Nander, there was bomb blast in a house
belonging to a RSS leader where bombs were being assembled and many Muslim
looking dresses were also found. The entire Hindu media never called these
Hindus terrorist and that news was never advertised, and the investigations have
been suspended or ignored.

We should all be extremely skeptical of any news coming
out New Delhi because it is ruled by a bunch of fascist Hindus thugs which will
do any thing and everything to divide and rule.

Gurteg Singh

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We have gotten in contact with Vini. She is fine. Upset and quite angry, but full of life and unharmed. She joins us in condemning this act, and also in condemning the Indian media's immediate conviction of the Sikh community and Khalistanis.

This update is from the Sikh group, International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO). Evidently, another person has died, bringing the death toll to eight.

8 persons died and 12 have been nabbed for investigation .
There were some statements by semi political persons like Maninder Bita that the explosion was work of some sikh out fits of Punjab .Mr.KPS Gill the ex-DGP also tried to divert the attention of the investgating agencies towards Sikh outfits by joining Bita .
The DIG Ludhiana Range Mr.Ishwar Chander IPS who is closely watching the whole situation has stated that the karvayee of explosion, hints towards some out-fit established in J&K (Chardi Kala). The DGP Pb said that some person placed the Explosive during the Interval and Police is searching the responsible person .
There is no panic in Ludhiana due to this incident , the life is normal and all markets functioned as usual . All markets around Shingar were working normally at the time of explosion and even did not close after the incident . Communal harmony is as usual and no community is in tension .
The CM Punjab was at Ludhiana and stated that this incident should not be regarded as any terrorism setting in, in the State . Govt. also announced a financial aid of Rs.2 lakh each to the victims of the explosion . Ms Bhathal and Sukhbir Badal also condemned Ludhiana incident . A strict red Alert in Punjab has been enforced .
The DIG , DC , and SSP Ludhiana all belong to one community and none of them is Sikh .
Jupinder Singh a tribune news man of Ludhiana explained the chronology of event , live on line , in a Radio Talk show held by Gurpreet Singh a Radio Host of Radio India at Vancouver Canada .