24 March 2008

Nine-yr-old Sikh boy left alone on London street

This story has captured my attention. Who is this young Gurinder Singh? Why was he alone in London? Who was the 'white' uncle? We all know ' uncle' can be just about any man of his father's generation. Look at that haunted little face.

Let me be blunt. I think it likely that this child is a victim of human trafficking, probably for the sex trade. Whatever it is, our little brother needs our help. I know - courtesy of Sitemeter - this blog has regular readers in London. Somebody knows who he is and what his story is. Let's get to the bottom of this. Although it's impossible to tell for sure from this picture, it looks like Gurinder still has his kesh. The thought of some pervert...

Let's get to the bottom of this. Quickly, for his sake!

Nine-yr-old Sikh boy left alone on London street
It's a mystery Scotland Yard are finding hard to solve. A nine-year-old Sikh boy, who speaks only Punjabi, was left on a west London street.

The boy said he doesn't know who left him there, nor is he revealing the identities of any of his relatives. He told the police that he was brought to the UK two to three years ago but doesn't know from which country.

Southall, that has a significant Punjabi population, is worried for the boy. They want something to be done and are trying to find out more but the details of what happened are not clear yet.

The boy claimed that he was kept indoors for a long time by a white uncle. Beyond that he cannot say anything.

It was last Tuesday that Gurinder was left behind by his white uncle. Clueless, he walked into a health clinic nearby and the police were later notified.

Gurinder is now in the care of the London department of social services. Police are trying to find out how he got here. Virendra Sharma, MP, Ealing Southall said he's being looked after well.

At present the agencies are working on the child's welfare, giving him counselling, support, interpreters in Punjabi and foster parents of the same background. So support is being given.

Police are looking into the child trafficking angle and are appealing for any information about the boy.