06 February 2008


As you may have noticed, this is not a commercial blog. There are no little Google ads suggesting you buy this or that. Occasionally, I'll put on a public service type thing advising about some event of interest to the community. Rarely, I will suggest you contribute to some worthy cause, as to the fund for Sukhvir Singh's medical expenses.

Only once have I suggested you actually go out - or rather, stay in - and buy something.

The main purpose of this blog is to educate people, Sikh and nonSikh both, about the events of 1984, especially the genocide - pogrom - massacre - battle in Delhi in early November, 1984. Although many other topics have been covered, this remains my/our Number One objective.

This movie is a relatively painless way to accomplish this.

Perhaps, like me, you didn't want to see it in public. I had no idea how I would react and don't care to expose myself to the eyes of strangers. But now, you can watch it at home, alone or with family and friends.

Please buy it, watch it, share it. Buy a couple copies to give as gifts. India doesn't want to world to even know this happened. If the story is to be told, we have to do it ourselves. I am, of course, doing this on my own. The producers have not asked me to advertise this. And I do not receive - and would not accept, if offered - any compensation from anyone.

Now, please see this movie!

It would be really nice if you told me you bought it. Otherwise I have the feeling I'm just an unheralded voice in the blogosphere.


Why did the Indian media BAN! this film

...because it is the the TRUTH