20 February 2011

MASSACRE IN BAHRAIN: Eyewitness Reports

puplish plz

bahrainies need u

How many of our Sikh mothers, daughters, sisters have experienced this?  The dress is different;  the feelings are the same.

Last night, looking for something entirely different, I came upon this discussion about the Bahrain military's attack on its own citizens peacefully protesting from the Flickr group, Global Photojournalism; Politics, News, Protest, and Culture. 

The pictures and discussion of Bahrain can be found  here.

We Sikhs have had a lot of experience of this in "India" and so we can understand what these Bahrainis are going through.  Let's send them our prayers and comfort.  At this point, I don't know what more we can do. 

What follows is from Ghadeer Shamlan, a young woman, age 18, a law student from Bahrain, obviously a person of great courage.  I hope thesepictures and reports helps to make the situation real to you.  These are real live (and dead) human beings and they need and deserve our compassion and concern.

Bahrain 2.jpg

From 16 Feb 2011, Bahrain

Here is some of what 2 eye-witnesses said about todays attack in Bahrain

Witness 1 (woman): I was sitting with another woman getting ready pray "salat el-lail" which is a type of prayers the Shiites have , the woman was with her two months old baby, she gave me the baby so that she go to prepare for the prayers , just few minutes then the Bahraini forces started attacking with out any caution , one of the military forces men came to me and started beating me and he took the baby and throw her on the ground and shot her with his gone without any mercy,

she added it was really terrorism dead bodies and parts were everywhere on the ground , they throw some people over the bridge and drive there cars "police cars" over them, also they took injured people and bodies "alive" in closed fridges to unknown place. It was like a real war she added !!

witness (2) " man" : we were lying to sleep as suddenly the tear-bombs and gun-shots came from everywhere without any notifications we started running heading to salmaniya , while that i got injured by the gun-shots , the man who was killed and had his head blasted was killed in front of me they put the gun on his head directly and shot , his head parts spread everywhere !!!

puplish plz

bahrainies need u
A protester takes cover around a corner as Bahrain's security forces fire tear gas on demonstrators marching from Salmaniya Hospital to Pearl Square, in Manama February 19, 2011. Anti-government protesters in Bahrain swarmed back into a symbolic square on Saturday, putting riot police to flight in a striking victory for their cause. REUTERS/James Dugga

A child badly injured and possibly killed by Bahraini military forces

Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs are from Ghadeer Shamlan