05 March 2011

Canadian Hindu Advocacy - Real Or A Sick Joke?

A lot has been going on, especially with developments in the Hoodh Pind Massacre case.  I am assuming you have been able to read about that elsewhere on line, so I am writing a bit of news from my home of Canada.

A brother who is on their mailing list received this letter from the group calling itself Canadian Hindu Advocacy:

The Canadian Hindu Advocacy is very pleased to announce our intention to
hold multiple events over the summer celebrating heroic acts of anti
terrorism in India.

In 1984, the heroic Indian Army destroyed the terrorist Khalistan movement
by attacking terrorists occupying the Golden Temple in Amritsar. That same
year, Hindu civilians after the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi deterred
Sikh Khalistan terrorists by fighting back against Sikh rioters on the
streets of New Delhi.

Other than the assassination of Indira Gandhi, 1984 was a great year.
Thousands of Sikh terrorists were killed both at the Golden Temple and in
New Delhi, and together the Indian Army and Hindu citizens smashed
Khalistan terrorism.

Everyone on this list will be invited to our summer celebrations.

Rahul Bhardwaj,
Canadian Hindu Advocacy

I don't think they much like Sikhs.  Although I cannot deny the credibility of the brother who received this, it just didn't seem real to me, so I did some research.  The Canadian Hindu Advocacy is a real group.  It uses OM on a Maple Leaf as its logo.

It has both a Facebook page and a website.  On Facebook, its statement of purpose reads: 


    We are a national organization of professionals, most of whom have left other groups, … to join together and form an entity that really stands up for traditional Canadian and mainstream Hindu values.

    We advocate for Canadian Hindus, and we stand up for Canada, traditional Canadian values, and democratic principles.

    Hindus have the highest per capita income of all ethnic groups in North America, are among the best educated, and constitute the majority community of the world's largest democracy / emergent superpower (INDIA).

    Hindu civilization gave rise to the world's oldest language (SANSKRIT), from which all European languages (including English and French) developed. Science, medicine, and mathematics developed in Hindu India helped Europeans build Western civilization.

    Standing up for Canada means supporting Hindu interests. We are together because Canada needs us!!

    Historical Hindu and traditional Canadian values must be defended. An attack on one constitutes an attack on the other. ALL CANADIANS MUST STAND UP FOR HINDUS and HINDU VALUES.

    Canadian values are endangered by the enemies of Canada, who use the media, education system, and politicians to spread false stereotypes about India and Hindus.

    We believe in multi-faith initiatives with groups and people who share our values of democracy, liberty, and merit-based success. This includes the Jewish, Serbian, and other communities. 

    We support fellow democracies such as INDIA, ISRAEL, AMERICA, and TAIWAN.

    Our friends and partners in various communities will work with us to shape and build a better Canada, purged of malign and negative influences.  Are we Sikhs among those "negative influences?  Definitely Khalistanis are.  [added by me]

    With the skills and experience brought in by our members and directors, we have formed the leading mainstream Hindu political and media lobby in Canada.

    From political lobbying to media advocacy to business seminars on ethical investment, we have the skills and drive to deliver results.


If this represents mainstream Hinduism,,,

Its website contains such shining gems as a letter to the editor,  CHA: Praise anti Khalistan operations of 1984, both in Delhi and Punjab (but the link doesn't work).  And, of course, they are supporting le Bloc Quebecois in banning the kirpan from the Quebec "National" Assembly with a goal of banning the kirpan in the Canadian Parliament, a move that would effectively bar Amritdhari Sikhs from holding national office, as banning it in the Quebec "National" Assembly bars us from provincial government.   No doubt their eventual goal is to totally ban the kirpan in Canada. 
From their website, this is their core values:

Our Core Values
We believe in unity, diversity, and tolerance.

This is why our directors and members include Hindus  hailing from many different parts of India. We also include Hindus from the Caribbean, Malaysia, and elsewhere.

We even have non- Hindu directors from different communities, including the Jewish, Serbian, and Anglo-Saxon ethnicities.  No Sikhs, though, for some reason [added by me]

Inter-faith events and alliances are an important goal for us. Because our organization is a beacon of hope for all communities and groups who share our passion for merit, freedom, and democracy.

This is why mainstream Canadians see us as not just a group that represents Hindu interests, but also a key defender of the values that define Canada.


I feel the need to take a bath.