11 May 2007


This letter appeared in our in boxes a few minutes ago. I would like to encourage anyone in the New York City area who is able to, please make the effort to go to see this movie on the weekend of May 25. I have read quite a bit about it around the Net, all positive.

'One picture is worth a thousand words' and one movie worth a million, if people actually see it.

I received an email last week where a reader of this blog, a young Indian, who told me that before reading this blog, he only knew that 'some sardars were killed.' Here is a chance to put our story before the world, to be heard and seen and, who knows, maybe understood.

Please, if you can, go to AMU during its opening weekend.


I wanted to introduce myself - my name is Bedabrata Pain (Bedo). I am the
producer of the film called AMU, directed by my wife Shonali Bose. AMU is based
on the 1984 carnage in Delhi. AMU is a product of long years of fight for
justice. What happened in November 1984 was nothing but an act of State
Terrorism - where every single branch of Indian state was involved either in
acts of commission and omission.

AMU will be releasing theatrically in NY on May

Please visit our website http://www.amuthefilm.com/.

I saw on your blogsite that your family was victim of this event. My
condolences with you, and even more my support for your struggles.The genocide
in 1984 certainly set the stage for similar acts of state terrorism to happen
all over India with impunity, but the events of 1984 to this date remain outside
popular consciousness - both in India and the world. And so long events like
this remain hidden, everybody remains vulnerable to this cycle of violence by
the state.

Having carried out protest marches and vigils, having written pamphlets and
leaflets, it has become clear to us that there is no medium larger than a film
to bring this issue to the attention of the world. At least, it gives us a
platform to talk about the issue, which otherwise remains absent. As an
independent film, we rely upon the word of mouth and power of the Internet to
spread the word about this. Additionally, if people
don't come to the theaters in the opening weekend and the theaters aren't full -
the theaters won't keep us running. So,it is extremely important to bring people
to the theaters on the opening weekend itself.

Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any ideas of how to reach out to the community, please let me

If you are interested, I can send you some more materials with the
information on its release in NY.

If you need, I can send you additional information.Best regards,--


Producer, AMU