05 June 2007


This post, for now, is just from Mai. I wanted to post this at once and am unable to get ahold of Suni and Maman (Vini),


This letter came to the Gurbani Learning Zone, a Yahoo! Group of which I am a member. Reading it, I ask myself, do we really want the world to know what happened to us in 1984, or do we want to just sit and whine amongst ourselves? I am sorry to sound harsh, but I am seriously annoyed. We need to get behind this movie and be heard!

Here is one simple, concrete, and, may I add, inexpensive, way to show support and get the word out. A ten dollar ticket? If every reader of this blog purchased just one,...but I have no idea how many read this blog, a few, at least.
It would be a drop in the proverbial bucket, but a drop is still a drop. Please help!!

Here is the letter:

Dear Sangat:

The film AMU needs our help. The community has not come out and shown its
support and the opening of AMU in other cities is in jeopardy.

A way to show your support - even if you are not in Manhattan.

Please go to the net to the Cinema Village link and buy a one 10 dollar
ticket to the film. Just one.

This would be your contribution in internationalizing the issue

The link is: http://www.readyticket.net/webticket/htmlshowtimes/27/ShowTimes39238.html

The success of AMU in NY affects the opening in the rest of the

If you feel 1984s story needs to be heard and the silence to be broken
please buy 1 ticket and show your support.

This week in crucial - please show your support.

Gur Fateh

Inni Kaur