29 June 2007

CBC Hatchet Job

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I suppose by now most everyone has heard about the 'news' story broadcast on CBC's The National last night. It is full of lies, half-lies, innuendos and distortions , painting us Khalistan supporters as half-baked, disloyal Canadians, and seemed to paint the whole Sikh community in Canada as a bunch of thugs and terrorists. Before I go any further, I suggest you look at this report:

(I notice this video is about ten minutes long. The piece I saw last night was almost twice that length. I haven't seen the YouTube version, since I have a very slow connexion.)

Here is the link to the CBC, where they have the video posted

You can leave a comment at this site. Please be calm, peaceful, reasonable in any comment you leave, but also please br firm and determined. Remember that there are those out there who will judge all Sikhs by what you say! After watching this nonsense, you may also feel moved to leave a comment at the CBC 'your view' line. The link to that is:

This from Google Alerts alerted me to the 'news' cast.


After watching this bit of nonsense - I am in the Pacific time zone and this blog was posted before the story aired here - I left this comment:

Dear Mr. Dowling,

Please don't believe everything you hear. I would first suggest you go to
Baseless fear mongering by the CBCBy Japnaam Singh(Japnaam Singh) :http://www.japnaamsingh.com/2007/06/baseless-fear-mongering-by-cbc.html

Then if you are up to hearing an opposing view on Khalistan, feel free to
visit our blog, The Road To Khalistan, http://roadtokhalistan.blogspot.com/.
We are three rather ordinary Sikh women caught up in extraordinary events; we
are not violent, raving lunatics, we are loving, concerned wives and mothers.
That CBC piece was a complete hatchet job. Please seek other opinions before you
condemn all us Khalistanis as terrorists!
Thank you.
Mai, Vini and

I checked this morning and found that Mr. Tarek Fatah has left a comment suggesting that maybe we aren't very good Canadians. Please go read for yourself!

This blogpost mentioned in my comment above is one response. It is well worth reading, Baseless Fear Mongering by the CBC

I am going to publish this now because I want to get it out as quickly as possible. I'll pretty it up as the day goes on. Sorry for all these naked links, but my computer is acting up. For some reason, it seems to need to be debugged.

Sisters and Brothers, Kaurs and Singhs, other most welcome visitors, I have chosen not to delete obscene comments as I believe we can learn from our enemies as well as from our friends. But I will warn you, the first comment here contains strong(weak?) language.



  1. No, it was the most accurate and truthful report ever found on CBC. Time to deport all Sikh bastards and motherfuckers.

    Get the fuck out of our country. You are not Canadians; you are terrorists and motherfuckers. Get the fuck out of my country!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

    But it would carry a lot more weight if you had the courage to use your name.

    Just guessing, but are your initials KB? Or maybe WP?

    Mai (Harinder Kaur)

  3. Bhenji, i have written the following response to Tarek on that blog, however i cannot post it because i do not have an account... if you could post it on my behalf and edit it in any way you feel appropriate that would be greatly apprecaited..

    "Tarek Fatah, Sikhs do not wish for the disintegration of a Nation, however we seek justice for the murders and genocidal campaign against many minorities within the state of India.

    Kashmiris, Dalits, Sikhs and Christians have been victims of gross human rights violations, and the state of India has proven itself unwilling to provide justice to the victims of their oppression.

    Tarak Fatah, are you in favour of state terrorism along with India's continued denial and lack of action for the murders of millions... including many minorities outside of the Sikh Fold? Does it not bother you that 24 years after the Delhi Pogroms the murderers of 20 000+ innocent Sikhs who were burnt alive in a period of 3 days continue to roam free while holding seats in Indian Parliamant? Tarek, do you really feel murder, rape, and torture of these innocent Sikhs was justified and that the Indian courts after 24 yrs of mocking Sikhs will build up the courage to arrest and jail those responsible?

    Will you, Tarek Fatah... condemn the Indian Government for its gross human rights violations, and stop your slander against Sikhs by defining our calls for justice as terrorism...? Will you..bring an end to your attempt to label Sikhs seeking social justice from a Terrorist State that has shown that they have no care for our rights... as being un-Canadian...

    Tarek Fatah... will you deny yourself from standing proud amongst Khalistani Sikhs who define themselves as being Canadians through the pride in fighting for justice for all people, regardless of nationality...? Will you join us in taking pride in the Blue helmet and uniforms pridefully amended by Canada amongst United Nations Peacekeepers...

    Or will you continue deny suffering human beings their right for justice, because you feel that justice is a luxury that can only be given to those with a Canadian Citizenship?"



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