01 July 2007

An Open Letter to Tarek Fatah

From the comments of CBC Hatchet Job (two posts below this one)

From: Amneet Singh:

Bhenji, i have written the following response to Tarek on that blog, however i cannot post it because i do not have an account... if you could post it on my behalf and edit it in any way you feel appropriate that would be greatly appreciated..

My Response:

Gladly. I am also posting it here as a post without further comment (since sometimes it's hard for readers to get to comments and I really like what you have to say) and will also copy it onto the blog. It needs no editing. Mai.

"Tarek Fatah, Sikhs do not wish for the disintegration of a Nation, however we seek justice for the murders and genocidal campaign against many minorities within the state of India.

Kashmiris, Dalits, Sikhs and Christians (May I add Muslims, as well? Mai) have been victims of gross human rights violations, and the state of India has proven itself unwilling to provide justice to the victims of their oppression.

Tarak Fatah, are you in favour of state terrorism along with India's continued denial and lack of action for the murders of millions... including many minorities outside of the Sikh Fold? Does it not bother you that 24 years after the Delhi Pogroms the murderers of 20 000+ innocent Sikhs who were burnt alive in a period of 3 days continue to roam free while holding seats in Indian Parliamant? Tarek, do you really feel murder, rape, and torture of these innocent Sikhs was justified and that the Indian courts after 24 yrs of mocking Sikhs will build up the courage to arrest and jail those responsible?

Will you, Tarek Fatah... condemn the Indian Government for its gross human rights violations, and stop your slander against Sikhs by defining our calls for justice as terrorism...? Will you..bring an end to your attempt to label Sikhs seeking social justice from a Terrorist State that has shown that they have no care for our rights... as being un-Canadian...

Tarek Fatah... will you deny yourself from standing proud amongst Khalistani Sikhs who define themselves as being Canadians through the pride in fighting for justice for all people, regardless of nationality...? Will you join us in taking pride in the Blue helmet and uniforms pridefully amended by Canada amongst United Nations Peacekeepers...

Or will you continue deny suffering human beings their right for justice, because you feel that justice is a luxury that can only be given to those with a Canadian Citizenship?"

Posted by Amneet Singh to THE ROAD TO KHALISTAN at Sunday, 01 July, 2007




  1. wjkk wjkf!

    thanks for posting this, I truly appreciate it. If I remember correctly from when this page first went up, you are an anthropologist?

    wjkk wjkf!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al2sWyjlpRw

  3. wjkk wjkf!You're most welcome. We're delighted to be of service.

    No, none of us is in anthropology, although I find cultural anthropology fascinating.

    Suni is a psychologist. I, Mai, used to be a mathematician until my first stroke did things to my ability to do maths. Since I have been a textile artist and mostly a writer. Vini (Maman) does the most incredibly beautiful needlework since medieval times.

    wjkk wjkf!

  4. wjkk wjkf!

    If I am correct, you are a survivour of the 84 Pogroms.... if this is the case and you are in Canada, you should get really look into speaking about your experiences in schools across the country...

    I could possibly arrange for you to speak at Kings College (university of western ontario) through the Center For Social Concern. The Degree Program, Social Justice and Peace Studies hosts many speakers every year as it is mandatory for first year students to attend a certain amount of forums in order to receive their credit.... this would be a wonderful opportunity. If you think its possible please let me know and I will forward you my contact information.

    Keep Up The Goodwork!


    Dear Amneet,

    A good idea, but unfortunately impossible for several reasons.

    I am very ill and unable to travel, and while I am a proud Canadian, circumstances force me to live in the States for now. We also have to consider the safety of our family in Punjab including Vini, if our identities became public. If it were only the first two, Suni could, perhaps, speak. But I know of no way we can overcome that pesky safety factor.

    If this blog could be of use, however, that would be a possibility. Feel free to contact me personally at mai.sometimes2@gmail.com, if you wish.

    BTW, yeah, Suni and I and, in a way, Hope, are all survivors. Our Maman (Vini) was fortunately in Canada at the time.





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