26 July 2007

Poll Results

Here is what it said: 48 people responding:


It is vital to the survival of the Sikh people/nation/religion.
23 (47%)

It's a great idea, but not vital, Guru Ji will ensure our survival.
17 (35%)

I don't know.
1 (2%)

You are a bunch of nut cases; go into therapy.
4 (8%)

You are terrorists, potential or actual.
2 (4%)

No opinion
2 (4%)

I am Sikh
33 (68%)

I am not Sikh
4 (8%)

So what do I make of this?

There were many more respondents than I expected. In the Khalistan part, there were 49 answers, so someone answered two of those answers, which is fine.

I was very surprised that only two people thought we were terrorists; I guess those in the Indian government weren't voting!

Twice as many thought we are crazy; I expected more there, as that seems to be a fairly common reaction to the idea of Khalistan.

The real surprise to me was the last two question. That was 33 Sikhs to 4 non Sikhs or about 8 to one. That didn't surprise me as I know some from both groups read here now and then. What intrigues me is that 33 + 4 = 37. I wonder about the other 11. It doesn't really matter, of course, but I am curious. My mind just works that way.

Remember, there is nothing scientific about this poll, it is only to satisfy curiosity. In my new poll, I'll try to find out about some demographics.


  1. I think the poll used incorrect options.

    I mean, many Sikhs think that Khalistan is necessary, but not necessary for the survival of the Sikh religion. Sikh religion is permanent, but Khalistan is a hukam of the panth, so it is necessary.

    Do you see what I mean?

    There should have been a third option - It should definitely be established, but it does not decide the fate of the Sikh religion.

  2. Ok wait - I just read the options and I think I mis-stated my case.

    What I meant is you should remove "religion" from option 1 because there is a difference between something being vital for the community and something being vital for the religion.

  3. bb,

    And right you are, in both comments. I'm new at writing polls and am still learning how to write the options. I really appreciate your input.

    Actually, when writing option 1, I originally just said 'our survival,' but that seemed inadequate, so I changed it to 'the Sikhs.' Then I didn't like that so I finally settled for what I finally posted. The religion is Truth and Truth is eternal, although the form may change.

    Lines from an old poem:

    What if cherished creeds shall fade?
    Faith will never leave us.
    God preserves what God has made,
    Nor can Truth deceive us.

    It does raise a few interesting questions for me. What is the difference between the Sikh people and the Sikh nation, for example, if there a difference? Surely we are not refering only to those Sikhs of Punjabi/Indian descent.

    (I think it's funny that Sikhs are considered an ethnicity in the UK, as I know many Sikhs who are of different races. It's amusing to me that one can change one's ethnicity by joining a religion.)

    As more and more people discover the Truth and Beauty of Sikhi and more people from around the world join us in the Panth, the percentage of Sikhs of Punjabi heritage will, of course, diminish. I think this is inevitable. In this kalyug, there will always be some who are gasping to breathe the clean, clear air that Sikhi provides.

    I guess I've wandered off-topic. Perhaps I should write a post exploring this topic.

    Thanks again.



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