28 September 2007

Yet, Again, Jagdish Tytler Goes Free

The following news story just showed up in my overflowing inbox.

I have often said that I would return to the subcontinent only for one of two occasions: to witness the execution of Mr. Tytler and his cronies or to celebrate the establishment of Khalistan. Unless something wild, weird and wonderful happens, it seems ever more unlikely that anyone will ever see my smiling face in 'India,' ever again. No surprise, of course, but still...

from Sify news

CBI closes anti-Sikh riot case against Tytler

Friday, 28 September , 2007, 22:49

New Delhi: The CBI on day closed a 1984 anti-Sikh riot case against
senior Congress leader and former Union minister Jagdish Tytler saying it was
unable to find witnesses to support its charges against him.

In its closure report filed before a court here, the CBI is understood to
have said that many of the witnesses in the case were either dead or did not
want to testify.

The closure report included the name of late Congress MP Dharam Das

Meanwhile, the agency filed a chargesheet in one of the related cases
in which one Suresh (not Sajjan?) Kumar was accused of inciting a mob against
the Sikhs.
Who are those refusing to testify? And why their refusal? Could it possibly be intimidation of some sort? I want to know.

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