19 December 2007

Three Singhs - Laibar, Jasbir and Sukhvir - and a Tytler

Dear Friends,

I had another post written and ready to publish about Laibar Singh's continuing difficulties. But I stopped and thought. I am neither a preacher nor a beggar. You are all well aware of his situation and what is needed. For me to keep exhorting you would be, I think, disrespectful toward my readers. So unless something new comes up - assuming I keep control of myself - I will not keep writing about this unfortunate brother who needs our help.

A new story has come to light about someone willing, even eager, to testify against Jagdish Tytler, Mr. Jasbir Singh. I imagine I will, in the next few days be writing quite a bit about this. To whet your appetite, I suggest you go here, to IBN-CNN, read the story and watch the video.

One more piece of business. Does everybody remember Sukhvir Singh, the taxi driver assaulted in Seattle on Gurparab? Since he lives in the United States, he and his family bear the cost of his medical bills, which, as you can imagine, are quite high. A fund has been set up to help him. Any contributions can be sent to:

Gurdwara Singh Sabha
5200 Talbot Road
Renton, WA 98055

Phone: 425-226-2277.

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