08 June 2007




If the Indian government has ever acknowledged that Operation Woodrose was a reality, I haven't heard of it. It was, for those who may not know, an attempt to exterminate all the young Amritdhari Sikhs (the Rose) in the Punjab (the Wood). This was brutally carried out. Young men wearing turbans, mostly between the ages of 15 and 30, and also some young women were rounded up and tortured and shot or they simply disappeared. It is estimated that approximately 150,000 of our best young men and women were murdered by the Indian government at this time.

The pictures of this genocide are particularly gruesome, as indeed, genocide tends to be. I reproduce only one here, from the Sikh Lionz website; we believe it will suffice.

We are astonished at the lack of information about Operation Woodrose.

We are not trying here to be unbiased. How can we possibly be when we see our brothers and our sisters, our sons and our daughters, our friends whom we love so dearly reduced to bloody corpses to satisfy the hunger of prejudice and injustice. May their blood truly water and provide nourishment for this beautiful flower we call the Khalsa.

Let us think of them when we hear the words from our beloved Guru Gobind Singh Ji: 'O lord grant me the boon that I may never be deterred from doing good deeds and with a firm resolve should I achieve victory. And when time comes for me to rest, may I die fighting in the battlefield fighting evil while upholding good and noble.' And let us remember what he further said: 'Without sovereignty no faith can prosper and without faith none can have a sense of identity.'

Of course, there was much more aftermath that we are not covering here, culminating in the event of October 31, 1984 (Halloween in the West)

Which cut short [that woman]'s ultimate plan, her 'Final Solution' to the Sikhs of India, Operation Shanti by two more of our shaheeds.
Followed by the savagery in Delhi and elsewhere. We will talk about that in October and November, as it happened.
Vini, Suni and Mai
Painting of Mrs. Gandhi's execution
courtesy of Confused Khalsa


  1. My dear sister, i read your story and i was totally moved...i wish i was there to not let that happen..anyways i want to share my views...there is no place in the world for extremists who promote violence in the name of religion.....the genocide did occur but it was started by some handful of separatist organizations in punjab, separatists planted the seed of hate in punjab...they were supported by pakistan's isi......they started killing innocent hindus in punjab by the busloads for over a decade of insurgency...this was not taken in great spirit by the moderate sikhs (which form the larger % of the total number) ....any sikh moderates in punjab who wanted to live peacefully with the hindus were also not spared...the khalistan movement was followed by mostly rural sikhs who were moved in the name of religion and very less educated singhs took part in it......most of the khalistan supporting jatthas used to operate independently and had no unity amongst each other and differences were so deep and complex that they could never be sorted out.....ultimately the tree of hate engulfed those who had sown the seed and also claimed a lot of innocent lives (irrespective of there religion...) ....once the khalistan movement lost public support from the people of punjab (mainly due to a lack of a solid cause , there ruthless gurilla tactics and attacks on innocent civilians ) the separatists took over the golden temple sahab and started issuing death warrants to people across the country ....though i have a lot of respect for sri jarnail singh bhindrawalen as a community leader and orator and as a man dedicated to his cause, i can not subscribe to his theory of carving out a separate nation from india on the basis of an armed revolution where innocent people were the targets....the separatists were using a holy place to store weapons and carry on there terror attacks and plotting another division of india that too with support from india's biggest enemy paksitan.....on a daily basis for over 10 years we used to wake up to a morning newspaper full of stories from punjab were hindus were being exterminated by armed sikh militants village by village ....my uncle, a hindu was pulled out from a bus and shot dead along with 30 other hindu passengers on there way to jullandhar just for being a hindu.....this movement thereby had to be and was crushed by the indian army as the constitution of india does not permit any terrorism or separatism (imagine splinter groups in all states of india taking up arms and asking for a separate country!!!...bullshit) ....anyways what happened was too bad and as a result of that Indira Gandhi was assassinated by here own sikh body guards...it seems the hindu people all across india (who are by and large a peace loving clan) had had enough and as a result 100's of innocent sikhs across india had to pay the price of the senseless violence meted out to innocent hindus in punjab....the photo you have shown belongs to a terrorist who killed many innocent people like you and me....anyways as the saying goes one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.....so my sister do not let the hate consume you any more...hindus and sikhs are brothers and will always be brothers...a handful of separatists with vested interest cannot do anything about it...had khalistan been made it would be the next afghanistan under the control of people with talibani mentality when it came to fanaticism towards religion...thankfully 90% and more sikhs that i know consider india there homeland... moral of the story is violence breeds more violence and if we demand an eye for an eye, the world will soon go blind...anyone who kills innocent people is a terrorist be it sikh, hindu, christian or islamic..peace

  2. Dear Anonymous ji,

    Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful comments.

    The fact is, whoever the gentleman in the picture is, many innocent young Amritdhari Sikhs were murdered by the police during Operation Woodrose. I know because some of them were relatives of mine, some by blood, some by marriage.

    I do not hate Hindus. I hate what has been done to us Sikhs by some Hindus.

    Numbers, of course, are not the main thing, but that is 1000s of innocent Sikhs, even 10,000s of innocent Sikhs, not 100s.

    Just a thought, of that 90% of Sikhs you know who consider India their homeland, how many would tell you if they didn't consider India their homeland? Just a thought.

  3. Dear sister Mai, i understand your sentiments and the fact is that whatever we do those 1000's of innocent hindu and sikh lives cannot be restored...its a cause and effect theory...there is no point getting into that .... there are always spoils of war and basically the common person (like u and me) is the ultimate sufferer .......

    whatever said and done...india is and will always be the motherland for sikhs as well as hindus, afterall guru nanak and all the 10 gurus were born on this land
    ...now before sikhism came into existence we were all the same people from the same land isn't it and this includes almost all of pakistan and parts of afghanistan as well...( beneath the long beard and the turban, we are really the same people...i am sure even dna analysis will prove that)..........many hindu saints and learned people came from the same land 1000's of years before sikhism was born ..

    .. so basically we (hindus and sikhs) have full respect for each other's religion.....there are a lot of similarities in us and quite a few differences as well but that is ok..however the fact is we are in a way inseparable due the fact that our roots are the same..so like it or not..we have to learn to live with each other on this land..

    .and it appears that the new generation has learned it very well.(there has not been one case of violence against sikhs anywhere in india since that ghastly phase of 1984 )..not only in punjab but across india many prominent positions in the government, sports, media or the private sectors are held by sikhs , sikhs run flourishing businesses here and are proud contributors to the whole country...... and even the prime minister of india is a sikh for god sake and really a great economist and forward thinker, i am proud of him...(but at the same time i cannot imagine some extremist individual such as baba manochahal or sant jarnail singh bhindrawale on that seat)........

    lets try to understand the sentiment behind Khalsitan..

    "khalis" means pure and "stan" means place or land ...i hope all people (hindus, sikhs, muslims, chritians, jains etc) living in india irrespective of there religion work towards making india a pure land in principal and in there thoughts (pure of dirty politics, pure of corruption, pure of all vices) ...that will be the real achievement of khalistan and the whole country will be Khalistan ....

    i would like to put in a few lines of a poem..

    "Hum ko man ki shakti dena...

    Man vijay karen ..

    Doosron ki jay se pehle ..

    khud ko jay karen...."

    this means

    "Oh lord, give us the strength of mind...

    so that we can win over our thoughts...

    before we try to conquer over others....

    lets try to conquer over ourselves..."

    "by the way i am a hindu, my wife is a punjabi ,it was a love marriage :-) and we go to the temple as well as the gurudwara on a regular basis"

    that reminds me guru nanak jayanti is day after tomorrow....its always a great celebration here...

    may wahe guru bless all of us...

  4. mai my sister...my only motto in life is to exterminate anyone who spills the blood of innocents in the name of religion ,politics or money....this includes those hindu rioters who shattered your family...they are not hindus they are terrorists...and i will kill them...thankfully a majority of hindus are not like them....its not about hindus or sikhs...its about extremists...we don't need them...i will exterminate them..

  5. To the person who said this " and it appears that the new generation has learned it very well.(there has not been one case of violence against sikhs anywhere in india since that ghastly phase of 1984 )..not only in punjab but across india many prominent positions in the government, sports, media or the private sectors are held by sikhs " go get you're facts straight buddy 1984 was only the begining of the violence and supression against the sikhs and any hindu will obviously disagree because of who you are and NO we are not from the same people as you if anything our blood line most likely comes from a different breed of peeple found in Punjabi pakistan and other northern india area's we look nothing like you don't claim any connection to you and as much as you hindu's want to believe... we will never be part of India because a lion can be kept in a cage but the day that cage opens... god help you because good always stomps out evil, and god will help us... RAJ KAREGA GURU GOBIND SINGH JI DA KHALSA, THAR'THEE SHAHEEDAN DE UPUR.. WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA WAHE GURU JI KE FATEH

  6. Dear Anonymous Commenters - How hard it is to relive all this. The fact is that some of my ancestors were Punjabi and some were not - but none were Indian, because India did not exist at the time.

    I try to carry no bitterness in my heart, not because I am so good, but because I believe that "Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

    The truth, though, is spoken by the most recent Anonymous. I am a lioness, I am not a sheep. Like my sisters and brothers, I may survive in this cage, but I do not thrive in a cage - I long for freedom.

    "India" will someday fall apart. We will be there to pick up the pieces of our homeland, promised to us by Nehru and Gandhi. Time is on our side.

  7. India will never fall apart no matter what.....
    Bharat Mata ki Jai

  8. My dear latest Anonymous Ji,

    I believe you are wrong; only time will reveal the Hukam of Vaheguru in this matter.

    We must wait for Her Will to be expressed.

    BTW, who are you. I do, of course, allow anonymous comments, so people will feel free to express themselves, and you need not answer. I do, however, use my own name and feel we have gotten to know each other beyond a blase "Anonymous."

    Mai Harinder Kaur

  9. Heeou Anon Guy, The right-wing Hindu crowd of your ilk caused the separation of Bharat Mata in 1947. The same crowd is treating Bharat Mata very badly again. Bharat Mata is not happy. She is suffering in pain.

  10. I'm just another young soul in love with my motherland...

    I personally never liked the nehru gandi family myself. But i do not have the power to change the past. I have no right to judge anyone from the past nor will i make any comments..

    I jus love my land and will serve it as much as i can.

    i'm a hindu brahmin and i have sikh friends whom i'm very fond of...we go to gurudwaras and temples together...
    but Until now i had not known of such a disturbing hindu-sikh fight... all ur details made me sick in the guts mai.. i've no words.. Just the feeling of horror

    i agree bharatmata's hurt... but i'm not giving up hope yet...i'm putting in my effort... no matter how tiny

  11. Dear Manpreet Singh ji - What you say is true. I agree 100%.

    Dear Bharata Mata Lover (BML) - I think that's beter than Anonymous -
    If you have not heard what I'm writing here before, it is because the guardians and protectors chosen by your mother, the government, have let her down and chosen to lie to you, or at the very least, keep the truth of your mother's history and misdeeds from you.

    So I am performing a necessary service. I am glad my words sicken you...cause you horror; that means your humanity is still intact. I think only a psychopath could read what happened to us without wanting to puke.

    Your mother is hurting, my mother has been ripped in two by your mother and then had pieces of her pinched off...

    BML, we all change the world by a greater or lesser degree. The question is how much and in what way.

    Chardi kala!

  12. Dear BML - One further question. You visit the gurdwara sahib, very good. As you are a hindu brahmin, I am curious if you enjoy the food and fellowship of the langar, sitting on the floor equal to whoever happens to show up.

  13. Heeou Anon Guy, The best way to love your land is to cure your stupidity and not write nonsense. Get it? Stupidity is a form of sickness. By writing on the net you are making other Indians sick.

  14. Dear Sister, What will be the national bird of the Republic of Khalistan? ur frend

  15. My 'frend' and brother ji - As I do not indulge in the barbaric practice of consuming the carcases of dead animals I would have to say...the Eagle-Hawk.

  16. My 'frend' and brother ji - As I do not indulge in the barbaric practice of consuming the carcases of dead animals I would have to say...the Eagle-Hawk.

  17. dear sister mai...yes i am a hindu brahmin and not only i enhoy the food served at the langar's sitting with everyone irrespective of his or her monetary or social status....but i have also been personally involved all through my youth to be a part of the kar sewa during the langar celebrations on all major sikh festivals...

    i have done that with full devotion and i have loved every bit of it.

  18. mr manpreet singh...you are tellign me to get teh facts right...do you have any facts to start with..?

    here are a few facts...there are 23 million sikhs in the world...out of that 87% live in india alone .....sikhs enjoy more religious freedom in india than anywhere else in the world and they make up to 2% of indias population

    i can understand what happened during 1984 was very very bad....but please try to understand it was not a hindu sikh thing but a politically motivated thing involving the congress, bhindrawale and the akalis which resulkted in the 84 blue star operation...followed by indiras assasination and then the delhi riots against sikhs...

    you cannot balme the entire hindu population to be an enemy of the sikhs...if it were so how come the statistics tell a different story .. the fact is sikhs and hindus are destiend to live with each other as we happen to be 2 separate religions allright but we are blood brothers...

    guru nanak the first sikh was born to hindu khatri parents..can you dispute this fact?

  19. Dear BML,

    Youre a most unusual brahmin who does not follow the beliefs of your own religion.

    And you still believe in caste.

    Please continue to grow and you may discover many truths you do not now even suspect...

  20. no dear mai...i am a hindu...i beleive in my religion ...i dont beleive in caste system though and i also have full respect towards the sikh faith...

    having respect towards someone elses faith does not mean that you dont believe in your own faith...also blindly following any religios beleif is not my cup of tea

    and let me tell you that majority of the hindus are like me..

    i guess it is you who needs to grow up and try not to hate..


  21. i wanna know the history of baba bhindara wale....

  22. AMBRISH ji,

    A good place to start might be this Sikhipedia article: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Bhindranwale

  23. I have asked the cyber security guys to track your Ip address and get you behind Bars. Save yourself.. Yours Hacker!!

  24. Hey Goooooogoleeeeee,

    You should know the difference between
    the Western democracies and the barbaric
    regimes of Third World countries. Here
    people take pride in individual freedoms,
    rights and responsibilities. It may
    come as a surprise to an ignorant fool like
    you that here stupidity is a more serious
    crime than dissent. Get ready to be deported
    to the rat-infested place you call a country.



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