11 February 2008

Birthday of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale Khalsa Ji

I saw this picture and find it both beautiful and compelling.

I hope you love it as I do.

As usual, I am at a loss as to what to write about one of our great martyrs. What is there to say about him that hasn't already been said? That [Indira Gandhi] thought to use him as her tame Sikh and discovered that there are no tame lions? (I heard that the other day, and it gave me a smile!)

In my research, I happened upon this tribute by D S Gill of the International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) of which I am a member. It inspired me and I hope it inspires you!


A Tribute to saint-soldier

Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale (1947-84)

On his birth day, February 12

Religion and politics are inseparable and synonymous in Sikhism. This
concept is a great contribution of Guru Hargobind Sahib to Sikhism. We are
considered anti-national. We wish to live in India, but are the Government
of India prepared to keep us in India? We want to live in India as
first-rate citizens, which, as at present, we are not. We would like to live
on par with other citizens, rather than slaves. As we made 90% sacrifices in
the freedom struggle of the country, we are not prepared to live like
slaves. Now it is for the Centre to state whether it wants to keep us as
slaves or as equal citizens. I am opposed neither to Khalistan nor in favour
of it. It is for the government to decide whether it wishes to keep us in
India or concede Khalistan. We will accept it; we will not repeat the 1947
blunder. My mission is to ensure that every one- Hindu, Sikh, Muslim remain
true to one's religion, and there is unity among all sections of people,
that the modesty of woman is not violated, that all social evils are
eradicated. For all this, I am dubbed as extremist. And, I do not mind being
known as extremist; rather I am proud to be such an extremist. This is what
Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale had said at different times during Dharam
Yudh Morcha (1982-84) and it has been reported in the SGPC White Paper, 1996
(Truth About Punjab). But on June 3, 1984, when the Golden Temple was under
the siege of the Indian Army, Sant Bhindrawale did say unequivocally 'now we
can not live in India: 'We need a separate home.' Earlier too, he had
expressed and repeatedly said that the day the Indian Army attacked the
Golden Temple and Akal Takht, foundation of Khalistan would be laid, A R
Darshi says so in his renowned book, Bhindrawale the Gallant Defender

And now, to carry forward the mission of Sikh Guru- fully enshrined in Sri
Guru Granth Sahib, as envisaged from Akal Takht, the glorious history of the
Sikhs and its recent propagation by the Sant- we in International Human
Rights Organisation propose the formation of a united front (third front) to
all those opposed to the crafty politics of the so-called traditional
Akalis, now largely led by Badal. And all those groups and individuals who
distance themselves from the legacy of the Rajiv-Longowal Accord should
co-operate, co-ordinate and actively participate in the proposed Panthic

And they should have commitment towards the two historic documents- Amritsar
Declaration and Anandpur Sahib Resolution, with an endeavour for fulfilling
the spirit behind these documents and the Sikh litany Raj Karega Ga Khalsa.

We in IHRO will appreciate if the interested groups or individuals could
pool their efforts to for doing Sarbat Da Bhala (Welfare of all) and, thus,
proving that Raj Karega Khalsa, Aaki Rahey Na Koi (when Khalsa rules, no one
remains in distress) and making this mission a success. So, the Guru Panth
has to project only the Khalsa polity.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib is a perpetual Guru (Guide) and a model for truthful
living: ''Falsehood will perish, O Nanak, and truth shall prevail,
ultimately.' They should start afresh and stick to a new revolutionary
ideology aimed at the spiritual rejuvenation, moral uplift and social
emancipation of people, confronting the dogmatism and religious hypocrisy of
the priestly classes and challenging the religio-political oppression of the
contemporary leaders.

t is a good beginning that Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) president
Simranjit Singh Mann, Shiromani Khalsa Dal president Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu
and Damdami Taksal chief Baba Harnam Singh Khalsa, on February 12, the
birthday of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, at Fatehgarh Sahib, announced to
carry forward the message of Bhindranwale to meet the aspirations of the
people of Punjab with a firm faith in justice and peace. For this, they
should put into practice the idea of collective leadership (Panch Pradhani)
at the gross root level along with the concept of selection, propagated and
practised by the Gurus and, thereafter, to sift out meritorious servers from
amongst them.

And they should strive to guide public opinion by propagating rational and
constructive views on Sikh Polity and human rights, including the right to
self-determination by virtue of which nations and peoples regain their lost
countries, maintain their cultural identity, and establish basic human and
economic rights. They should also co-operate and co-ordinate all political
and other groups in Punjab who categorically distance themselves from the
legacy of Rajiv-Longowal Accord and make commitment to secure socio-economic
and political justice and the dignity of the individual. In addition, on
that basis, combat racism and eradicate untouchability, castes and

Will they be able to do all that, is no one's assurance because all the
splinter Panthic groups have a problem of being threatened or highjacked
from each other. Smaller the group, graver is the problem. Ideologically,
politically or commitment-wise, there seems no difference or contradiction
among them to unite for the mission of the Guru. There may be some
organisational or day-to-day working problems that may be sorted out by
sitting together. Problem, which may crop up in the process of uniting, is
of leadership. For some time, collective leadership may the best choice.
But alas, petty vested interests with little uncanny personality cult seem a
big hindrance in forming the United Front to lead the Panth. We do not know
why they get together to celebrate birthday of great Sant Bhindranwale if
they cannot get on for his mission. May God bless them with politically wise
minds! d_oh.gif

D S Gill

Chair IHRO



  1. our own leaders, own sikh brothers are our enemies, all those who were responsible for blue star and sant jis' death they were sikh. they are the persons who are ready to sell panths freedom, self respect. per day lots of sikh are joining them. would you think that just a hand full of sikh dare to kill their own brothers and if they do then would they be able to make khalistan...

  2. Ram Raj Ji - I hear your passion and pain. Just remember that it is all according to the hukam of Vaheguru - and remain in chardi kala!

  3. Hey guys, the only thing I would like to say is get educated and start using your own head. Once you start using your own head, ask a question from yourself - was Bhindranwale correct? By comparing Bhindrawale to the respected gurus, aren't you demeaning the almighty gurus? Why can't Sikhs live peacefully inside India? What did Bhindanwale and Akalis achieve after killing so many innocent lives? And why do you blame Army for all these things? Army just did what was best for the country.

  4. Anonymous ji - I could write a book answrering your questions, and maybe I will.

    For the short answers. I assure you that I, at least, do my own thinking and often end up in trouble for that.

    Sant ji did what was necessary.

    Do I sense some sarcasm in your reference to "the almighty gurus"? That's not at all nice. In any case, it is beyond human capabilities to demean our dhan dhan Guru/s.

    We cannot live peacefully inside India until the perfidious lies of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohandas K. Gandhi are made true and we have our autonomous nation.

    Perhaps the Army was only "following orders," but all else aside, was it necessary to smoke and wear shoes inside Harimandir Sahib? Was it necessary to force women and children to drink urine and blood and then to kill them? I do not see how these actions benefit the country.

    BTW, while anonymous comments are welcomed, signed comments carry much more weight.

  5. Anonymous Dude,

    You don't seem to have a clue about Sikhs and JSB. That is not surprising. In addition, you don't have a clue about even India. That should not be surprising either considering the fairly low IQ of a typical patriotic Indian. Would you do yourself a favor and get a life?

    Harry Chawla

  6. Harry Chawla Ji - Thanks! You made my day. I needed that.

    Mai, TINK

  7. Christian France in tight spot: United Nations Urges France to allow Sikhs to wear their Turbans
    News Source: www.emgonline.co.uk
    The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations has advised France to re-examine the rule forbidding wearing of conspicuous religious symbols, including the Sikh turban, in schools, in the light of guarantees given by the state to allow citizens freedom of conscience and religion.

    The committee has made the observations after the submission of a report by minority issues experts, including Gay McDougall.

    Dr Manjit Singh Randhawa had petitioned to the UN against the ban on wearing of turban by Sikh children in government schools in France.

    As per the UN documents, available on official website of the United Nations: www.un.org, McDougall, in her report submitted to the committee and UN General Assembly, has reported: “Serious discrimination is being experienced by members of the minority communities in France”. It has also noted “serious discrimination is being experienced by visible minorities of immigrant heritage, many of whom are French citizens.”

  8. Khalistan Zindabaad Khalistan Zindabaad .......

  9. Dear jagjivan jot singh anand ji,

    Being 3/8 French myself, I can tell you honestly that the French are the most recalcitrant, stubborn group I have ever come across, except maybe for us Sikhs. They won't give in gracefully or graciously, but they will have to give in eventually. They, like the Hindus of "India" owe us a great debt of gratitude. This would be a good time to repay it.


    I think I will reprint this post again today. I cannot improve on it.

    (I hope you realise that in Khalistan all caste designations, including "jatt" will be dropped forever.)

  10. i dont care...wht other pplz thing about my SAINT BABA JARNAIL SINGH JI but i belive him and i will belive in my whole life...he is TRUE sikh with bless of GOD

  11. Narry ji,

    You and I are not alone in loving Sant Ji. Many stand up for him publicly. Many more treasure him in their hearts but fear to say so publicly.

    Our day will come.

  12. Praful singh chauhanThursday, 11 February, 2010

    punjab is a part of india , just like maharastra , gujrat , bengal , j&k etc......proof of which could be found in the manuscripts of all these states.....manuscripts here meaning the written, oldest form of that particular states existence and conclusion can be drawn on the fact that almost all these languages have been adopted from Hindi or sanskrit.

    have been seeing bindrawale posters all over the place lately and am hence concerned....i totally agree with you though....cause when a child grows up he does have a tendency of making it on his own....but not in the house that belongs to his parents.....he has to find a diffrent house.

    Hence my sugesstion is simple.....if u want khalistan so bad.....y dont you go over to afganisthan and conquer that land with you 'VAST' army.....cause frankly.....your army or strength is in no comparission to the sheer valour and wisedom of Indian Soilders......may god grant u wisdom.

  13. Praful Singh ChauhanMonday, 07 February, 2011

    here's some advice, free !! ..... for all you khalistan lovers and longing for the attainment of its existence entertainers...gather around and try to uderstand the logic.

    a fight for freedom is one justified not on the whims and facies of the dictator, who never !!! without thinking decides if there is to be one , but on the suffering and continuous hinderance of the people to be freed .... being a follower of the ideology that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale Khalsa Ji propogated through his life , i would request all those with feeble thinking towards indians and our army to re-think their philosophy, infact understand ur core values while ur at it too , and weapons ..... make sure u learn how to use them before shouting mouth off about freedom..... getting back to the point i was makeing , like i said a freedom struggle is the more representation of the people and their problems that need freedom from ..... not , and i repeat not the struggle and hinderance you people are going through in ur heads ..... u need to seek a therapist for that ..... not look for khalistan ......

    may good wisdom rain upon you .

  14. Praful Singh ChauhanMonday, 07 February, 2011

    ...... my deepest apologies if my vision was in anyways found to be one misleading you from your choosen path , and you have my full agreement and support to be on it , i say this after reading this website in detail and am shaken ! , feel wronged , angered and furious .

    no words of mine will gale you in believing the truth in what i'm trying to say but a fact is this that i stumbled upon this web site on random , searching for a place where i could have my words fit my course of action , which was against anyone who potrayed extremism as a means to disrupt peace and harmony in the name of something..... something that does not make sense anymore ... not after reading the posts.

    i have great respect and grattitude towards u'll for sharing those heart wrenching experiences with us , god knows how difficult it would have been .... and like i said no words of mine will gale you in believing what i really intend to say .

    so forget about my earlier posts......

    god speed.

  15. Praful Singh Chauhan ji,

    Thank you for all your comments.

    Nothing can ever be forgotten. That is part of being human. We learn and grow, building upon past experiences and what we remember. This is good.

    If you have learned and grown from reading what we have written, then our purpose is served. The truth has been purposely kept from the young people of India. Writing these experiences has been very painful. Very few have written about this, although thousands survived it (and thousands did not, of course). Ours were written because, at the time, we could find no detailed personal accounts at all in English.

    If you really don't want your earlier comments here, you can delete them. Personally, I'd rather leave them because they tell your story. It's up to you.

    Thank you for your courage in expressing your ideas, both positive and negative. If we are to learn from each other, such honesty is vital.

  16. praful singh chauhanMonday, 07 February, 2011

    @ anonomous

    You assole.... i would like to kick ur ass.



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