15 February 2008

A Poem For Suni

A reader sent this beautiful poem in response to Suni's Story with the Shaheeds
For Suni
Whispers in the Night”
Sonnet In Honour of Anhad Warriors
composed by gupt sakhee dassNdaas
Often have i heard Whispers in the Night

softly chorus trilling, calling Your Name

In dark surrounding a Persisting Light

Enthralling, thrilling tongues intent proclaim

Sighing Singing, Pining, for One Beloved

Ceaseless voices overwhelming Rapture

Rent, enticing content to be so loved

Longingly declare in quiet capture

As Gathered lovers enrapture my ear

Rose red, my heart blossomed, listening bled

Glad madness in this unseen sound i hear

Crimson dewdrop tears spilling glistening shed

What ghost's candle is this haunting of mine

Who's flamed tongue’s burn eternal's love divine?

Waheguru ji


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