20 March 2008

Is It Time To Sell Out Laibar Singh Ji?

Is this a matter of Laibar Singh for sale for $50,000? Or is this a matter of obeying Canada law? I wonder. It seems that now we are willing to give up on Brother Laibar. I still wonder what his wishes in the matter are, as I have heard nothing from him and it is his life, after all? I don't know how well he can talk, but I think it is time that we hear from him directly. What does he have to say? An interview, please, Laibar Singh Ji!

Assuming he could get proper medical care, would he be safe from the gentle attentions of RAW, etc.? I don't feel very happy about his case right now, although it is possible that the time bought has been well used and he has recovered enough to at least be able to survive.

Laibar Singh's supporters finally seem relenting,
he may be deported

WSN Bureau

TORONTO: Laibar Singh may finally have to return home. The failed refugee claimant who had beaten many attempts by the Canadian authorities to be deported back to India may soon have to declare defeat as his supporters seemed to be agreeing that he will have to return.

It seems he has already fired his lawyer but lawyer Zoolfikar Suleman said he was still acting on behalf of the 48-year-old paralysed man who had taken sanctuary in the gurdwara at Surrey, B.C. and wanted to stay in Canada at least till his pending application on humanitarian grounds is heard.

Reports however said his supporters have already sounded the Canada Border Services Agency that they are prepared to give up the fight to keep Laibar Singh from being deported. The committee backing Laibar Singh so far, and claiming to represent 21 groups in the South Asian community, said it's time for him to return to India.

The community has put up a valiant fight but does not want to be seen blatantly on the wrong side of the law, particularly when the Canadian authorities have displayed a certain degree of sensitivity in handling the case. There are strong voices within the community that it must show respect to the laws of Canada.

Harbans Singh Kandola, a member of the committee, said all legal options have been exercised and the community will avoid any situation in which its name is tarnished.

Laibar Singh is now known to have arrived in Canada in 2003 on a forged passport and initially sought refugee status that year on the grounds that he would be persecuted by police in Punjab, where officials have accused him of links to separatist militants. At that time, he was not disabled.

His refugee claim was denied in late 2003.

His appeals to stay in Canada were turned down by immigration officials who ruled that Laibar Singh couldn't remain because he doesn't have adequate community ties. As luck would it, he suffered a stroke in 2006 that left him a quadriplegic and unable to care for himself, and has since argued that he will die if he is deported to India because he won't be able to get proper medical treatment.

The committee, which had put up $50,000 bond for Laibar Singh is now requesting the Canadian authorities to return the money so that it goes to Laibar Singh


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