09 March 2008


Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!
Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

On March 15th, 2008. The Sikh Activist Network will be joing community allies from The Greater Toronto Area to demand an end to the Imperialistic Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

For those interested, The Sikh Activist Network will be meeting up at


From here we will be carpool To Queen's Park Downtown.

For High School Students interested in collecting Community Service Hours, please contact us immediately.

If you are able to provide transportation please contact The Sikh Activist Network via SikhActivist@Gmail.com

Please view the flyer for more details or visit http://www.nowar.ca/



  1. Mai,

    what makes you think that the war in Iraq is an imperialistic war?

    The US isn't taking over the government. People in Iraq elected their own leadership. The Iraqi Police and Army are leading the operations there with US troops supporting their efforts.

    The al-qaeda in Iraq group has said on many occasions that non-wahabbi sunnis are apostates or worse and deserve death. They are the ones that have attacked Shiite mosques and religious places.

    As for Afghanistan, it was the UN that sanctioned the war there. So how is that a US operation?

    Do you believe Sikhs in Taliban Afghanistan were anything more than Dhimmis? Having to pay Jizya for protection? Having to wear yellow stars like the Jews of Nazi Germany?

    What makes you think that Sikhs, or Shiite muslims for that matter were better off under the Taliban?

  2. My dear Kaptaan,

    Let us start with economic imperialism. The American corporations , beginning with Mr. Cheney's Halliburton are making a killing (pun intended) off the Iraqi people.

    The problems you mention have either been created by or aggravated by the presence of the American invaders. Al Qaeda in Iraq didn't even exist before the invasion. Do you really believe the current Iraq government is independent and viable? (For some reason, the word 'Vichy' inserts itself here.)

    Yes, that creep Saddam Hussein has been permanently removed. However, I remember a line I heard many years ago in an antiCommunist China propaganda film: 'liberated to a more bitter slavery.' That may, perhaps apply here.

    I believe that the real reason for this war is much simpler and primal than imperialism. It's very simple: 'He tried to kill daddy!' This I can actually understand. If someone had tried to kill my daddy, he would have had to answer to me and my seven brothers. We would not have plunged other countries into war, however. But America is now - for a few more months - ruled by a cocaine-brain damaged idiot madman who believes God made him president.

    Afghanistan? I have no, none, not any sympathy or support for the Taliban. I see them as a bunch of life-denying, fanatical madmen that the whole world, as one, should rise up against and get rid of.

    But the USA is the country that has taken it on itself to handle the situation, along with Canada, my Canada, of all countries. This has not been a UN action.

    America's motives, of course, had nothing to do with freeing the beleagured people of Afghanistan. It was revewnge, pure and simple, for 9/11. Even if the people of Afghanistan are better off - and I'm not sure about that - do the ends justify the means?

    I wonder if the problems in Afghanistan now are less horrendous than they were under the Taliban.

    Have you heard of the 'Opium Brides,' young girls given to the opium warlords and their superiors, the true rulers of Afghanistan today? Girls as young as two months? Their crime? Their fathers owed money to the drug lords and they had no money to pay because the US had destroyed their crops. If he refuses to surrender his daughters - or if he has none to give - these criminals don't play around. One favourite method of execution is to tie the man hand and foot and place him in a sealed room with a smoldering fire where he slowly suffocates. And then they take the daughters anyway.

    I am, of course, concerned about the Sikhs, but don't think I care only about the Sikhs. That would be unSikh!

    I could go on, but this comment is already way too long. I hope I have answered your concerns.

    Chardi kala!


  3. I forgot to mention. You were aiming your comment at the United States of America. Although I answered your concerns from that perspective, this demonstration was in Toronto Canada. And I am a Canadian.



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