19 April 2008

An Evocative Blog

I just did something I rarely do. I added a friend's personal blog to our link list. The blog is called evoking and its author is my friend Jasleen Kaur. I would like to invite you to read her blog and get to know her.

Jasleen is a very sweet, strong, devout lady whom Guru Ji called to be a Sikh. She has become a sister to me and I'd like to share her with our readers. Her story of how she came to Sikhi is told in her most recent post. Read it, you'll like it! And you might even learn something. I have become friendly with several bloggers on the list after adding them and , one way or another getting to know each. For some reason few of my friends blog and almost all of my blogging friends aren't Sikh and don't write on Sikh topics and hence don't belong here.

Perhaps I should let you know that Sitemeter, our statistical service lets us know about all the out-clicks from this blog, so we will know how many of you accept this invitation.

I need to write posts about the sentencing of Sukhvir Singh Ji's attacker and also this serious business about the disrespect shown our dhan dhan Guru Ji, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in Delhi. By the DSGMC. Here is a link for you, if you'd like to read about it.: Desecration of the Guru by Our Own Institutions

But it's Saturday night and I'm tired. Those things will just have to wait.

By the way, I roached the picture here from evoking without Jasleen's permission. Hehehehehehe...


  1. Mai Didi, you're too sweet. :)

    i guess this means i have to start posting more regularly. ;)

    and you're welcome to "steal" any of my pics, anytime you want.

  2. Hello, dear li'l sis,

    I'm sweet when sweetness is called for, like with you.

    But I am quite capable of being sour, too, when necessary.

    My advice on posting is: post when you have something to say. There is something to be said for the discipline of posting regularly, though.

    Hmmmmmmm. I shall stalk your blog for stealable pictures. You have created a monster. But you don't muc use pictures there. OK, then Picasa and/or flickr,eh?



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