11 April 2008

A Sikh Dis'Honour' Killing

I seem to recall reading somewhere that among Sikhs both caste and the killing of the daughter are forbidden. Where could that be? Oh, I remember now, The Sikh Rehat Maryada! (Check out Chapter Ten, Part 16 (a) and (l), and Chapter 11, Section 18 (a).)

OK, the article never actually says they were Sikhs...

From the Times of India.

Girl In Love Killed, Cremated Secretly

HOSHIARPUR: Ravinder Kaur, just 18 and in love with Amritpal, hardly got any chance to be with the man she wanted to marry. On Wednesday, when her family left home to attend a neighbour's wedding, she sneaked out and went to meet her 25-year-old lover.

But someone spotted her with Amritpal and the word spread like wildfire in Darga Haeri village, 35 km away from Hoshiarpur. Soon, seething at seeing their Saini girl with a scheduled caste man, Ravinder was dragged home by her relatives and beaten unconscious.

The next day, police sources said, she was "consigned to flames", yet another casualty in Punjab's bloody history of honour killings.

SSP, Hoshiarpur, Sukhchain Singh Gill told the Times of India on Friday that "the body of the deceased had been cremated before the matter came to the notice of the police".

He added, "There were only ashes from the pyre."

A case has been registered under sections 302 (murder), 201 and 120B of IPC at the Tanda police station and police said they were verifying if Ravinder was beaten to death or forced to commit suicide.

The girl's parents, Baljit Kaur and Manohar Singh, are behind bars.


And please check out Aasra Magazine, here or in the new link on the right. It is a local product from here near Seattle. It is bilingual, in both Punjabi and English.



  1. No one should have to die this way. No one.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    "Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

  2. Yes, this is horrible. To me, it is especially painful in my own community. Our religion explicitly outlaws the killing of the daughter. We take take great pride in bragging to nonSikhs about the gender equality taught by our beloved Guru Ji - and then this...atrocity. And I just chose to Kaur Dhaliwal, Ms.Kaur Atwal, etc.?

    And female foeticide, too!




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