24 May 2008

Boiled Potatoes and Lionesses


I just read an article from Time Magazine from 1955 that says a shaved Singh looks like a boiled potato. I personally go a little farther. When you (horrors!) shave a lion's mane, what do you get - other than killed? You get a very sad lioness-looking lion.

Lionesses are great wonderful, being one myself, I well know about lionesses. But lions need to be lions. Please, dear Singhs, young, old, in between, listen to a Gramma Kaur! (Gramma is OK, but don't you dare call me an Aunty!) Your hairs - each and every one of them - is/are precious and valuable and beautiful. The ones growing on your face are a sign from Vaheguru of your masculinity, among other things. (We won't talk about the ones growing on my face right now; they serve some other purpose, I'm sure.) I know I'm not a nubile young lady, ripe for courtship and marriage, so maybe my opinion just doesn't count. But I find a natural man, one as Vaheguru made him, very handsome and attractive. Oh, my! Mai has gone off on a tirade.

Did I forget to mention that this is not just the eccentric taste of an aging Kaur? Guru Ji asks this of you, too. And that is that!

The article is really about Tara Singh and the freedom movement at that time. If you have never heard of Sikhistan, you must read this article!! What!? You never heard of Tara Singh?! You must read this article!!

A point of humour. My Google gmail account, where I am writing this gets 'relevant ads' to each e-mail as it comes up. I will not illustrate these, as I'm afraid they would get a bit too suggestive for my rather Victorian tastes. This particular one generated:

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Upgrade Your Shave w/High-Tech Hair Removal from Philips Norelco

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Shave With Billy Jealousy
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How totally relevant., lol.

The choice is yours. Naked, boiled potato, lioness face? Or the wonderful, handsome face of a Singh? The choice is yours.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! But mostly lions.

BTW, the picture of the gentleman standing in front of the french connection uk sign is by Australian photographer Andrew Kelly, who likes to take pictures of Sikh male models. This one is from SikhChic Magazine. I am just now sending him an e-mail. I hope he approves! [Later that same day: He approves! He likes the context. Hurray!]



  1. Dear Mai kaur ji,
    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh
    i couldn't agree with you more, a man with a beard is so impressive. It commands respect from a female (and other males) in a way no shaved face ever could!

    The same goes for women who are true to nature. You are so beautiful with your true and honest face. Sends shivers tingling down my spine to see such awesomely beautiful women!!!

  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
    Vaheguru ji ki fateh!!

    Dear Sister Sukhmandir Kaur Ji,

    Your comment brings so many thoughts to me. Of course, a man with a dastaar and a full beard is a wonder to behold. I have always believed that our men are the handsomest - and I'm not speaking of ethnicity. Visible Sikh men, whatever, their lineage, are a delight to the eye. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj knew exactly what he was doing when he created his Khalsa with a particular appearance.

    Likewise with our women. A woman in bana has the look of strength and dignity that many women aspire to, but never attain. (A slight aside: chunnis are really beautiful, but when was the last time you saw a picture of Mai Bhago without a turban?)

    I think maybe I should write a post about cosmetics, cosmetic plastic surgery and other unnatural body alterations. Not to mention my personal pet peeve, the metrosexual male.

    What do you think?

    BTW, I love the tie-dye turban wordless picture in your column today. Brought back some great memories!http://sikhism.about.com/b/2008/05/21/wordless-wednesday-2.htm

    Chardi kala!



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