11 June 2008

That Tree In Delhi

A few days ago, I posted about Dr. Harinder Singh Phoolka speaking about the 1984 Delhi Pogrom victims during observances of the Bluestar Massacre. Here is a follow-up on that, from Tribune India. My take on this? It is impossible to know what Dr. Phoolka thinks about Khalistan - and it really doesn't matter. His project is to help the '84 victims and he doesn't need to be sidetracked. Certainly he doesn't need to be arrested for treason or terrorism. I would advise everyone to stay off his back, if anyone were to ask me. No one has.

Phoolka gives jolt to secessionists
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 6
The management of Pro-Khalistan Sikh Shrine, Gurdwara Dashmesh Parivar, Surrey, British Columbia, got a jolt today when H.S. Phoolka, a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court and human rights activist, walked out of a gathering, saying that he loved India and did not believe in any secessionist movement.

When the organisers of the gathering tried to project Phooka as pro-Khalistani, he stood up and said he was a true Indian. Phoolka said he had been fighting the case of Delhi riots’ victims as a human rights activist and not as a Sikh.

Phoolka is touring British Columbia to raise awareness on the plight of riots’ victims. He refused to accept the airfare from the organisers. He said he was invited by the Sikh Students Association in Vancouver and Cynthya Mehmood, a human rights activist from the USA, to deliver a lecture on human rights violations in the world.

Phoolka added that his projection as pro-Khalistani won’t help the riots’ victims but would give a point to two Congress MPs facing allegations of inciting mobs to the riots.

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