10 July 2008

WHAT A STORY - From Delhi 1984

A lady I know, Namjot Kaur, just told me her story of Delhi 84.

It's bloodier, nastier and more unbelievable than ours, and I'd like to share it with you, at least the strangest part. So I start in the middle.

The mob forced the Sikhs in the house onto the street, including the women and children. They separated the males from the females and threw kerosene on the males. Inderjeet, her husband, knowing what was about to happen, drew his kirpan and cut their son's throat - he was just a little boy of 9. That angered the mob and they turned their total attention to him.

As they set him alight, a man appeared beside him, with his hand on Inderjeet's shoulder. Inderjeet didn't move a muscle, just stood there burning, staring at her and smiling. Just before he died, he shouted. "Bole so nihal," and his body collapsed on the ground. Then he and their son, who whose body had been at his feet, rose and embraced the man and they both disappeared.

While Inderjeet was burning, the man's hawk kept dive-bombing the mob, which seemed unable to move. After the men disappeared, the mob ran off, screaming in terror, leaving the remaining Sikhs in safety.

Namjot is sure the 'man' was Guru Gobind Singh Ji, although he looked quite different from the pictures we see of him. This' man' was very rough-looking, a warrior with a full, bushy beard, not at all like the dandified pictures we see of Guru Maharaj Ji. The hawk, though, is a give-away. And the light around the apparition

I believe Namjot's story. I know Guru Papa Ji looks after his children.

There's much more to her story, of course, that's just the most dramatic part. I'm trying to convince her to write it out for this blog; I would even be willing to play Alex Haley to her Malcolm X, ie, I'm willing to ghost-write it, you know, as told to.

Chardi kala!


  1. waheguru...heartbreaking yet inspiring...

  2. That actually sounds like a four-word summary of Sikh history!

    waheguru...heartbreaking yet inspiring

  3. Uh, wow. Hmmm, don't know what to say to this.



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