15 August 2008

Is Singh Kinngh?

I have three posts to write here today. They might not all get in today, though. This is the easiest and shortest, so it gets to be first.

What is it with this movie? I haven't seen it and don't intend to. I rarely see movies anyway and although sometimes I enjoy the music, most movies out of Bollywood seem to me to be just silly and a waste of time. I have nothing against silliness, mind you, but it needs to be enjoyable silliness, not just silly, stupid, dumb.

All I have seen of this movie is a video someone sent me on my facebook scrapbook. It has a catchy tune, a bunch of sexy gyrating females and a fake Sikh in a fluourescent green turban my Dad would have loved ogling anf gyrating with the aforementioned females.

What's with this movie? I ask again. Maybe these Sikhtoons hint at the answer.

Ah, well. Anyway, I found this parody poster of Sonia and her tame Sikh lapdog amusing. Perhaps you will, too. Or not.


  1. Desi ji - I still haven't sen this movie and still don't intend to.

    What I have seen does not seem complimentary or respectful toward us - a turbaned Sikh as a gangster, making sexy moves with cheap women?

    Ah, well, what does one expect of Bollywood.

    Related: I hope they stop all filming in Harimandir Sahib! That is a house of worship, not entertainment!



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