11 September 2008

A Happy Day

Sandwiched between heavy posts, I really need to write something happy. And what can be happier than the birth of a child?!

Anupreet, our Fourth Ghalughara survivor, has become a didi. This little girl already has a very full life, overflowing with responsibility - already doing sewa all over the world, showing everybody how absolutely wonderful little girls are - and now she's the big sister of a brand new sibling. Imagine! She is not yet two years old! I wonder what she'll grow up to be?

A doctor? A pilot? A writer? Or an astronaut (I always wanted to be an astronaut!). Whatever she does, I know she'll make us proud!

"Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse."


  1. I'm so happy that I have pictures of her and that I got permission to use them.

    If anyone can convince these stubborn Punjabis that little girls ought not to be murdered, it has to be Anu.

  2. S. S. ji - I am using her picture as a wallpaper right now. As my husband says, 'She's so innocent.' And most importantly, she is a real little girl from Punjab!



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