03 January 2009


Israeli troops 'move into Gaza'
Israeli ground troops have entered Gaza, Israeli military officials say, a week after the offensive against Hamas began

This just came into my inbox from BBC. I have turned on CNN, MSNBC and Faux News and am watching those horrible green night vision pictures of green toy soldiers carrying rifles and wearing backpacks marching across my screen. I'll report more as I learn more, although I expect you to keep watch on your own television and news sources, as I am just an observer, just as are you.

Israel has confirmed the invasion. I just heard that Hamas fighters are returning heavy fire. The air strikes are continuing ans the invasion continues

At present, I have only this one picture from BBC.

Whichever side you may support in this war, the civilians of Gaza are the ones who are suffering most. Let us remember them in our prayers that they somehow hold onto hope and that they have the strength to endure.

And let us remind the Israeli soldiers that their Jewish religion teaches of a God of mercy who loves all his children of every nationality.


  1. We don't support a side, most of us. We just want the killing to stop on both sides. We want them to talk.

  2. Mai, why don't put something up that says to remind the Jihadists from Gaza and Hamas, that the Jews are their blood brothers and that they also worship the one God and as their brothers and fellow sons of Abraham that they should stop their rocket attacks and murder of innocent Jews... the reason you can't do that is because its against Islam to equate Jews and Muslims as one in the eyes of God. You don't seem particularly interested in placing any blame on the Palestinians for the situation which is largely of their own making.

  3. Dear Z ji- That's absolutely true. I said as much a few posts ago when I posted those horrible pictures of dead Palestinian children. Forget blame. Let's all get responsible and get this killing stopped!

    Dear Anon ji - This all goes back to a quarrel between two women - Hagar and Sarah - being in conflict about their sons, and a man - Abraham - who couldn't make peace between them, a few millenia ago.

    I am not Muslim and will not hesitate to remind them that they are blood brothers and sisters. As I told Z above. I am not interested in placing blame. I am interested in stopping the inhumanity and the killing.

    As for the Palestinians' troubles being largely of their own making, couldn't that be said about all of us? It doesn't justify the suffering of innocent civilians.

    Would it help if I were to say that I am opposed to Hamas launching rockets at Israeli civilians? OK, I am against Hamas launching rockets at Israeli civilians. Not only is it morally indefensible, it is also idiotic politically and militarily.

    Again, my position is that the inhumanity needs to cease. We can sort out blame - if it still matters - when things quiet down.

  4. Why aren't you launching a protest against Iran for supplying the rockets and missiles that Hamas launches into Israel?? You were at the protest against Israel where muslims were saying they were going to kill the Jews, etc..., why not start a protest against Iran as well. Seeing as how you want the inhumanity to stop then protest against Iran as well. Let's see if you do. You talk a good game, now let's see if the Sikh Activist Network and you really have the principles to protest all the parties Iran and Egypt also.

  5. Dear Anonymous, I am right now writing a post answering your earlier comment.

    I think I answer your concerns there.

    And I offer you a guest post on blog to present your views, in whatever manner you choose, with very few restrictions. Will you come out from behind that Anonymous label and take me up on it?



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