25 February 2009

What Is The Postal Code For Khalistan?

I am sure that we all get strange e-mails from time to time. With this blog containing the name, Khalistan, and some of my other controversial, often even seditious, activities online I get more than my share, sometimes funny, sometimes threatening and sometimes just puzzling. Usually I just ignore them and file them in a folder I have made called "Strange e-mails."

This one, however, caught my attention as one of the strangest and definitely puzzling. Let me first say thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words about the blog, I hope they are sincere. As for the rest. A boyfriend from Khalistan? I am not sure it is supposed to be a joke or what. The e-mail address, which begins "sexlizzy" may hold a clue.

I have found these various maps of Khalistan, from the more ambitious to the more realistic. On none of these, however, could I find a postal code. It seems different people have different ideas of the boundaries. Which one is the best, do you think? Personally, I favour Map 3, Punjab, although a coastline would be useful.
Liz, if you are at all serious, I apologise. But even you would have to admit that it is a strange one, eh?.

Here goes:

my name is elizabeth..
apon looking for khalistans postcode i came across ur web page
and have never been so touched in my life.. im lucky people like you are trying to express
what they know and belive so people like me can learn alot..
my boyfriend is from khalistan and i didnt no anything..
now bit of me is sad i know the story.. i cant imagine living it..
i hope one day that ur prays are answered..

take care..

name withheld


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