20 March 2009


S.KASHMIR SINGH PANJWAR, originally uploaded by BAAGHI SINGH...

A true Lion of The Panth

Father of Shaaheed Bhai Rajwinder Singh Panjwar and Bhai Paramjit Singh Panjwar(Current Chief of "KHALISTAN COMMANDO FORCE" )

I asked Baaghi Singh, the photographer:

He has such a joyous, chardi kala face and a beautiful bearing. Just looking at his picture is an inspirartion.

If only we children all had such a parent! Then maybe all of us parents would have such children.

(Where is Bibi [Whoever] Kaur, their mother?)

Bapu Kashmir Singh was sat in a gathering of elder Singhs in village panjwar, as I approached them and asked to take Bapu Ji's picture, he was overcome with joy, the glow on Bapu Ji's face is captured here...

During the Sikh struggle for independance, Bhai Parmjeet Singh Panjwar was (and still is) one of the most wanted Jujharoos, as the security forces could not capture this lion, they resorted to inhumane methods such as torturing and kiling family members, Bibi Mohinder Kaur Ji, the mother of Bhai Parmjeet Singh panjwar was picked up by the police from her home and taken to Jhabbal police station, where she was tortured & later attained Shaheedi.
Bhai Parmjeet Singhs brother, Bhai Rajwinder Singh Panjwar also suffered the same fate.

For more info about the Shaheedi of Mata Ji and Bhai Rajwinder Singh, please read Zulaam Gatha by Baghail Singh Baaghi
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  1. I feel sorry for Sikh people as Quaid e Azam offered them to join Pakistan and only defence, currency was to be of Pakistan Govts. responsibility and the rest Sikhs were independent to make their own laws according to their requirements but Sikh leadership of that time refused, joined India and did killings of muslims belonging to East Punjab on behalf of the Hindus and later the same Hindus did the massacare of Sikhs in mid eighties and later all the sikh movement of independance fizzled out Sikhs should take example of poor Naxalites who are fighting for their independance for such a long time, I wonder what made the Sikhs gave up for their Independance, may be lack of leadership or may be very few Sikhs wanted the independance from India or lack of courage amongst the common people or may be some other reason.

    An Outsider

  2. Hi, My Pakistani friend,

    I have been living in Australia but I am a Punjabi of Indian background and a Hindu. BUT I am very happy for Mr. Usman khawaja, who is of Pakistani descendence and who has made his debut as a lead batsman for the Australian Cricket team today i.e on 03 Jan 11.

    He did Okay today but I wish him all the best wishes for a glorious career as a cricketer in the years to come. May Allah, Waheguru, Ishwar, God (or whatever you may like to call him, if someone like him/her exist)help him achieve his goals in the years and decades to come AND I think this is what finally counts, i.e. to make achievements as a human being and as a person.

    I hope that the "moderator/manager" of this website will not delete this comment by treating it irrelevant to the subject of this website.


  3. My name is Harinder Kaur and everyone - almost - calls me Mai. I am Canadian not Pakistani.

    I am the owner/author of this blog. If you want to flatter me webmaster or webmistress would be appropriate.

    I delete comments because they are very, very obscene [usually suggesting my mother do something anatomically impossible] or illegal or spam. Your comment is merely irrelevant, so I will leave it. This time. Next time, I might not be so nice.

    So...if you want to comment, please at least pretend to read the blog.


    Mai Harinder Kaur, Khalistani

  4. I have been born and brought up in Punjab, ever since a kid , I have been first and foremost and Indian. As an intellectual, I am happy Punjab stayed with India.
    Don't wish to see Khalistan into existence, it is not in favour of well being of Punjab.
    yes, it is important for Pakistan, as it will cut off India from Kashmir, sorry webmistress sahiba, as a Khalistani, I don't think you have any identity at all, let alone Canadian!
    From- The AntiDote



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