20 April 2009

In Gratitude To jagdish tytler

Why is jagdish tytler apologising? What does he have to apologise about? After all, he - in his own words-

"actually abused the governor as he was enjoying his drink while the carnage was on."

Let us rather express our gratitude at all he and those of his ilk have done for us.

They gave our husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, and sometimes, our wives, mothers and, daughters, as well as our good friends, the opportunity to achieve shaheedi in righteous battle.

They gave our women - our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends - the opportunity to overcome the effects - emotional and physical - of being beaten and gang-raped. They even gave some of our women the opportunity to widen the gene pool by bearing children thus conceived.

They gave our widows the opportunity to show their chardi kala by raising their children with few or no possessions and no male breadwinner and without the love and comfort of a husband.

They gave our children the opportunity to show their strength and intelligence by growing up without a male role-model in the home, without stability or security. He gave our children the opportunity to learn to turn to drugs (including alcohol) in an attempt to handle these things missing in their lives.


He gave our whole community the opportunity to show the world that Sikhs are strong and resilient and refuse to stop seeking justice no matter how many times we are slapped down, humiliated, laughed at and blamed.

In light of all this, perhaps he shouldn't be apologising to us; perhaps we should apologise to him for wanting to see him hanging from the business end of a rope.




  1. Kindly see the blog http://jagdish-tytler.blogspot.com Do proper research before blaming anyone. There are a few people still roaming around happily who has been directly blamed by the law and enquiry commissions. Why are you not talking about those? First do a proper research in who were involved in the case and then compare those evidences against Mr. Tytler. I am sure you will be able to understand the propaganda and conspiracy against him.

    Everyone has heard the name of Mr. Tytler in the riots but no one has seen him. Is it not possible that someone intentionally took his name and added him name into the list of criminals and murderers?

    Mr. Tytler is a real Sikh and therefore, he is a real fighter. He will keep on fighting against the conspiracy. Is it not our duty to research his case extensively and then give judgement against him?

    I hope you will judge him neutrally.

  2. Paramjeet Kaur ji -

    I have been researching this for 25 years. I do not accuse frivolously. Of course, anything is possible. Perhaps the person seen and heard by witnesses was someone wearing a jagdish tytler mask and wig. I believe the evidence overwhelmingly points to his guilt. Understand, I want those guilty to be caught, tried and hanged. I would get no feeling of justice if an innocent person were punished.

    I have already seen and read the blog you refer to. The person behind it has contacted me several times on orkut. Anyone can open a blog using any name. I could blog as indira gandhi, if I chose. I no more believe the author of that blog is jagdish tytler than i believe that i am mrs. gandhi..

    Do you also consider KP(S) Gill to be a "real Sikh"?

  3. Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me why did he won elections even after 1984 riots?

    Can you tell me why Mrs. Shila Dixit broke his constituency in parts?

    Can you tell me why the commissions under BJP government did not name him?

    Can you tell me about any eye witness against him?

    Have you seen the doordarshan coverage of Mrs. India Gandhi's death ceremony? (You can see Mr. Tytler there)

    We can also ask many questions, but to be very frank. I want the truth to come out to the public and the guilty should be punished with the toughest punishment of Indian law.



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