04 April 2009

W3I: The Sad And Disgusting Affair Of Jagdish Tytler - Part One

Note: I went looking for the latest Sikhtoon and found this instead:
Quotes of the week
"I am happy today that truth has prevailed. I will fight the election and I am hundred per cent sure that I will get the votes of all sections of the society."

JAGDISH TYTLER, 1984 genocide accused after getting cleared by India's Central Bureau of Investigation - April 2nd, 2009
I had not intended to write about "Sikh issues" under the W3I title, but this one belongs nowhere else.

I wrote this yesterday and, upon showing it to some friends, it was strongly suggested that some of what I had written could, perhaps, be problematic. I have edited out those parts. Please note that this is not censorship; I have voluntarily removed these.


Let me digress from Tytler's case for a moment and give a short course in US Constitutional law. The First Amendment to the US Constitution, the beginning of the Bill of Rights reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

These rights are very broad and have been very liberally interpreted by the US Supreme Court. In the USA, where I currently reside and to whose laws I am bound, the "freedom of speech," which is interpreted as "freedom of expression" is very liberal and taken very seriously. Hate speech is "protected speech," even the burning of the national flag is, legally, "protected speech." Hurting the feelings of any community is "protected speech." I believe that a public blog, such as this one is, is also protected as "freedom of the press," equally liberally interpreted. Even most pornography is legal, although there are rather strict limits to broadcast TV and non-pay radio - called the "public airways." So I have two Constitutional protections to protect me. I am free to say almost anything.


A friend of mine in Punjab has described the feelings of the people there. Here is an e-mail I received yesterday morning:

waheguru ji CBI gave clean chit to TYTLER.. y this is so ji, such a
corrupt country.. no one our side.. dear ji wat wl happen nw.. is
this hukam of waheguru ji..

Evidently, many are in a state of shock. Bleeding Punjab continues to bleed. We are crying, crying tears of sadness and pain, of course, and also tears of anger of rage, of frustration. We must not let our emotions overwhelm us. We must act rationally and calmly. After, we are looking for, in fact, demanding justice. Our people continue to be mocked by the Government of India, in this case by the CBI. I am no expert in the Laws of India, so I must ask, "Have we really tried every peaceful means of bringing this criminal to justice? Is there nothing further to be done?" These are honest questions. What are the answers?

We believe that this [man] is responsible for the deaths of many of our people in and around Delhi in November, 1984. As most readers of this blog will already know, the dead include all of my immediate nuclear family, as well as two brothers and some cousins. We have been waiting nearly 25 years, not waiting patiently, but waiting.

Now this. And these two [people]. Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar are on the Congress Party ticket. I wonder at the sanity of any Sikh who would vote Congress with those two standing for office. (Of course, my own sanity has been questioned by those opposed to the establishment of Khalistan, but that is not relevant here.)

Can you believe that this Jagdish Tytler is gloating. Look at the look on his face. He says he is "happy that the truth has come out." I wonder what definition of "truth" he is using. Of course he is happy. He dodged a bullet on this one. Or did he? Bribery, I am told, is common in such cases. He even claims, according to the Times of India, that Sikhs have always voted for him. Is he insane or are we?

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