01 June 2009

SIKHTOONS - Ninth Contest

Is there anyone among us who has not speculated as to what indira gandhi was thinking when she attacked Harimandir Sahib? Is there any among us who would not like to put words in her (filthy) mouth? Here's your chance. The Ninth Sikhtoons Captioning Contest has been announced. Here is the picture:

Add her saying something, give the 'Toon a caption or do both. Then go here, Sikhtoons 9th Contest and submit your entry. It's as simple as that. I have already submitted mine. I think it's pretty good.


  1. Khalistan is fading concept. wake up. Be Indians

  2. AUC - You wrote:
    "Khalistan is fading concept"

    Don't you wish!

    As for "wake up. Be Indians." my dear misguided brother, we in the Sikh Diaspora are not - and most have never been - Indians. I am a Canadian and a Khalistani - and proud to be both. Even my own father who was born in Punjab never called himself an Indian.

    And when this legal fiction called "India" collapses, you will be grateful that we Khalistanis are ready to pick up our share of the pieces and bring peace and prosperity to at least East Punjab.



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