07 September 2009

Sant Baba Jarnail Singh JI Khalsa

Here is a picture of Sant ji on a bus, completely unlike any other picture I have ever seen of him.

That bright smile is the very definition of chardi kala! That can never die.

From the Flickr photostream of Singh Soorme.

I do suggest you go take a look.


  1. The man may have passed but his memory will live on indefinitely. That bright smile so endearing radiates the quintessence within.

    1. i totally agree with you. sant ji will alwayz be in our heartz..

    2. i totally agree with you. sant ji will alwayz be in our heartz..

  2. I know I feel happy every time I look at this. If I were at all given to such displays, this would be on my wall.

    Another couple of lines from that same song say:

    Takes more than guns to kill a man,
    Says he, I didn't die."

  3. Dear Anonymous Ji, so do I.

    I especially like him smiling. I understand he had a very lively, down-to-earth sense of humour.

    You might enjoy my pictorial;, Sant Ji Tours Khalistan at


  4. i am meet the jarnal singh son that was my life i am like a jarnal singh ji pls reply me

  5. mea sardar nahe hu par mera dil sardar ha mea seva ka lea hamea ka lea tyaaar hu

  6. Dear NITIN ji - "India" (Occupied Khalistan) certainly has a problem, eh? Lots of problems, in fact.

    I am currently in USA where it is perfectly legal to be a Khalistani as long as one doesn't make "terroristic threats." I make it a point to make no threats, terroristic or otherwise.

    If you want more of a reply, please e-mail me at simayanan@gmail.com. :)




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